Anniversary @ Nasugbu

     As I have promised, I’ll be posting my experience about my vacation on the province me and my boyfriend will be visiting.  So here it is!

    So yeah, after days of looking for places, me and my bf have decided to visit Nasugbu, Batangas and we chose amongst the list of resorts, the Marlou Beach Resort.

Marlou Beach Resort

     Well, Nasugbu is roughly 3 hours trip from Manila, we took the LRT at Monumento down to Gil Puyat and ride the DLTB bus bound to Nasugbu (fare is 160 per person). You will pass by cities of Cavite and Tagaytay on going to Nasugbu. We need to ride also a tricycle (20 pes0s fare) at Jollibee Nasugbu after reaching DLTB terminal to reach Marlou. When we arrived, of course, what we checked first is the beach!




     Going back, Marlou has very nice traditional Filipino ambience, furniture’s unique and the rooms are also nice. That’s the reason why we chose it other than the resorts beside it. Rate for overnights stay for 2 pax is 1500. Cheap yeah?


 cute isnt it?


   My boyfriend and at the back is our room







      After checking the place, we unpacked our things to get ready to look for a place where we can eat our lunch.  We then saw a carenderia in which they serve silog meals. We ordered tocilog  (don’t forget the two extra rice haha) and softrdrinks. 🙂 Afterwards, we rest for awhile to get ready to swim.

     I definitely enjoyed the weather, while the sun is hitting your skin, there comes also the cold breeze. I think that’s the reason why my skin didn’t get tanned too much.  The beach is also clean and as you can see I am a bit far from the seashore but still, water’s not yet deep. 🙂 (Me and my boyfriend went to the beach to swim twice that day. First, by lunch time and next was by 4pm.)



           What’s written: 3rd anniv @ Nasugbu



         The waves just hit me! whoah!


     Here comes the sun doo-roo-doo-doo


     I always write on the sand whenever I go to beach, it’s a must! 🙂


    By dinner, we decided to go back at Jollibee to check for places where we can eat. We then knew that Malunggay pandesal is a best seller so we bought some (forgot to take a picture of it coz I am so hungry that time.) I also bought a mocha frappe from a local coffee house there. Since we are also too hungry to further look for resto’s we had our dinner at Mang Inasal Nasugbu.



 The Mocha Frappe for the coffee lover


        Dinuguan for me.


     The famous PM 2

      The next day, we went to the beach again for we are leaving before lunch.  Sulitin mo na, as they always say.  So we did


         My footprints on the sand


         Waves are crawling



       We have finished packing our things by 10:30 am and we’re ready to go! Before we left, we had a picture with ate Lourdes, the caretaker who dearly assisted us during our stay. 🙂


        Ate Lourdes 🙂



      Thumbs up for you!

20140126_104617Couple pic before going home.

        Going home we ride the BSC bus which is just beside Mang Inasal Nasubu in which the fare is a 5 peso cheaper than DLTB’s.  The bus boarded by 11:30 am. We arrived at MRT Taft by 3:30 pm because of the traffic at Tagaytay, Cavite and at Coastal Mall.

        All in all, the experience is great especially if you are with the one you love. Marlou resort is heaven. The beach is the paradise.  I will definitely go back.

       “Sometimes, it is a great refresher to get a taste of living in the province. Fresh air, no stress, beach and low cost of living are so loving!”


 Thank you Nasugbu for the superb experience!

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