The Craze I don’t Understand at TimHoWan

When going on dates, me and boyfriend usually go to SM Megamall, and when you use the entrance at the Mega Fashion Mall, you’ll see one long queue (yes I am redundant on this because it’s really loooonnnnng) on a certain Chinese restaurant. I mean, what’s the fuss? To how the resto look, we thought it is an expensive fine dining resto or a resto that serves buffet. And since me and my boyfriend most of the time wanted to eat without spending too much money, we didn’t even thought of trying to see the menu, until this February…

Yes, after months of ignoring this resto, we decided to give it a try.

While lining up, a staff/waitress already gave us the menu. Number 1 to change our belief, this is not an expensive resto. Meal ranges from 85 to 200 pesos. Number 2, this is not a resto that serves buffet. They serve rice meals with (as what they say) special sauce. Kaya pala ang daming tao.

*Good points, unique plating, cheap cost of meals and fast serving of orders.

Spinach Dumpling with Shrimp P120

I may say I am not a fan of Chinese cuisine but I have tried several Chinese foods. And whenever I tried, I always get satisfied. For Tim Ho Wan’s, sorry but I am not impressed. Me and my boyfriend ordered first two rice meals. The special sauce on the rice meal they put in it? I think there’s nothing special. Maybe because I expected too much from this resto that’s why I got disappointed. The spinach dumpling is too sticky, the stickiness I think that is not usual as it should be.

Aside from waiting on a long line, there are only few food choices on their menu, mostly rice meals. I expected lot of variants of viands which we can order separately from their rice but to no avail.

Aside from that, I noticed that waiters and waitresses quickly take away the plates customers have used. For me that’s not proper because people are still eating! It’s like they are making you hurry because a lot are waiting outside their resto.

My conclusion, Tim Ho Wan is not a place you thought it is from a look outside [the resto].It has very limited menu and has staff who would make you fee you need to hurry!

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