Exploring Cagbalete Island via Dona Choleng Resort


Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a story teller.
-Ibn Battuta


Allow me to be your story teller for my recent happy experience.
May 17 is my most awaited day, as it is the day that I get to see for the second time, the wonders and beauty of Cagbalete Island. Β Also, it is my post birthday celebration. πŸ™‚
*for information on how to reach Cagbalete Island, as well as to be aware of the budget needed, click on this – The Cagbalete Island Excapade
Again, I stayed at Dona Choleng Camping Resort, I have already made the arrangements few weeks before my date of vacation. As usual, upon arrival, staffs are really welcoming, they speak so gently and politely.
Accompanying me on this vacation is my boyfriend, we were unable to catch the shuttle (yes, Dona Choleng has it’s own shuttle!) which transports tourists to the resort. So we decided to walk.

PictureResort’s Shuttle

What’s great when you walk is you get to pass by these nipa huts which are home of locals of Cagbalete.
As I came to the resort, I’ve noticed that those still under construction during my last visit were already done. πŸ™‚ There is a newly built Reception Area (before, the reception area is located with the restaurant) , and that’s the first place that you’ll see upon arrival at the resort.
Dona Choleng Camping Resort was named after it’s first owner Dona Choleng Taino. It’s just one of lots of resort located in Cagbalete Island. If you are looking for a great vacation spot and you want a place which suits your tight budget, Choleng is the perfect place. I have provided the rates below, check it out!


PictureDona Choleng Camping Resort’s flyers

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  1. Wow you really had a good time there at Cagbalete. That island is also near Balesin, one of the most beautiful islands in the Philippines πŸ™‚ Hope to pay a visit in Cagbalete soon so I can share my own story too πŸ™‚

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