The crib that’ll make you crave: Amo Yamie Crib Review

Fed up of your usual cafe spot? Wanted to try something new? Here’s a quick tour for you to my newly discovered cafe (thanks to my Facebook friends), theAmo Yamie Crib Mendiola.<insert fairytale sounds here…> :-pIn a far away land of….. Uhm… Ooooppps… wait, what?! Sorry. Okay. Here it is. :)Located at the heart of the University Belt, Amo Yamie Crib is the now being frequently visited place by students and barkadas. AYC in Mendiola is a franchise of Amo Yamie Crib Coffee and Movie House which had its pioneer branch at Angeles City.

As the name suggests, Amo Yamie Crib will give you the ambiance that you are  in a “crib” or in a friend’s house. For me, it looks like a big two level doll house! Each spot looks like a room which has a center table and pillows.

PictureNow that’s relaxing.



AYC gives you also, the exact thing as its true name means – Amoy Yummy. Everything smells yummy there, sweet and tasty smell of pastries, frappes and shakes.

Now let’s talk about what “amoy yummy” it serves…

While most of the mainstream and well known cafes serve their blended drinks, fruit teas and other drinks using plastic cups or styro cups, Amo uses the seemingly being in the trend nowadays, mason jars. I find it very cute. It adds up to the entire feeling of being at home.


Mason Jar <3
Lots of choices are part of the menu, from hot or iced coffees, fairy tale frappes and frosts, cartoon characters named milk teas down to fruit teas. And yes, the list of drinks will make it hard for you to decide. But thanks to the magical named drink – Once Upon Nutella, at first glance, it  won my heart.  My boyfriend, who always accompany me during my find-your-good-place adventures, chose Berry Boop Fruit Tea.*You get to choose the size of your Milk Tea or Fruit Tea. Choices are:Solo – 16 oz
Twin – two 16 oz of same flavored drinks
Mason – 24 oz

Amo Yamie Crib’s MENU

Coffe (hot or cold)
Budget cut: 65 to 99 pesos

  • Americano
  • Caffe Latte
  • Cappuccino
  • Nutella Latte
  • Caramel Machiatto
  • Mocha Cream

Fairytale Frappes
Budget Cut:  109 to 139 pesos

  • Mocha Wish (mocha)
  • Once Upon Nutella (hazelnut)
  • The 3 Maltesers (vanilla malt)
  • Red Riding Hood (red velvet)
  • Jack and Jelly (coffee jelly)
  • Jav-aladdin (java chip)
  • Oreo and Juliet (oreo chocolate)
  • The Little Mermint (mocha and mint)
  •  “A-reese” in Wonderland (salted caramel)
  • Snow White (yes, it’s vanilla)
  • Wizard of Oreo (cookies and cream)
  • Bubble Berry (strawberry)

Cartoon CharacTEAS
Budget Cut: 55 to 79 pesos

  • Pink Panther (strawberry)
  • Oreo Kitty (oreo)
  • Ninja Taro (oreo taro)
  • Flint Salt (salted caramel)
  • Dewraemon  (you know this! Honeydew)
  • Winty the Pooh (wintermelon)

Fruit Tea
Budget Cut:  49 to 85 pesos

  • Berry Boop (strawberry)
  • Honey Bravo (honeydew)
  • Swiss Charlie (chocolate)
  • Mickey Mousse (obviously, mocha mousse)
  • Apple Puff (apple)
  • Cookie Monster (with no doubt! Cookies and cream)
  • Buzz Lychee (lychee)


Cribber’s Sandwich

Yes, it’s not all about the blended drinks! Amo also serves great snacks along with a friendly cut on your money. We had the Cribber’s Sandwich (clubhouse sandwiches with ample serving of french fries with mayo and ketchup dip) that costs 95 pesos only. Uhum. You got it right, it is good for two.


Other offers:

  • Cakes and other pastries.
  • Party Packages


The Amo Yamie Crib is quite a big place. It has other rooms that can accommodate larger groups of people. It also has tables at their veranda overlooking the busy street. Visiting the place gave me a nostalgic feeling. It reminded me of childhood memories of fairy tale happy endings, cute cartoon characters and me playing with doll houses. It’s magical.Along with its budget friendly frappes that is not far from the taste of those served by well known cafes, plus the sandwiches, pastries and others, the Amo Yamie Crib is one of those must-visit place. Where have I been all this time? Hmp. Thanky thanky it’s not even too late. 🙂


Click this for more info about Amo Yamie Crib.
Address: 2nd Floor, 2125 Gordi Plaza Building, Legarda Street, Quiapo, Manila



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  1. Oh goodness, I can hear my stomach rumbling right now. It does look cozy, and I’m a sucker for any wooden furniture or flooring. Ganda! Good to know the prices aren’t that high too.

  2. Uyy, sa Quiapo/ Mendiola lang? I like the concept, will visit this place soon w/ wifey. BTW, can you study there? (di ba maingay mga students?)

  3. Not into sweets. But I’m sure many people would love to check out and try this place. Nice review though. 😀

  4. oh what an interestin set up they got.. it actually feels like you guys are just playing bahay-bahayan hehe
    I love the concept of this cafe and hopefully I’ll get a chance to visit this place with my friends
    and it was just in Quiapo!

  5. Love this place! I’m from Pampanga so I’ve been to the original one with the movie house. I’m not sure if they have the movie house in the other branches but I esp love it since you have rent a movie and whole room with unlimited popcorn!

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