Caffera: The First Photography themed coffee shop

Recently, I visited Maginhawa because I wanted to check out Maginhawa StrEAT. I wanted also a new place to be featured here on my blog. However, when me and Budjie arrived, there are no seats available. So we decided to just check out other places. Fast forward, we had our dinner at Food Clinique and ordered very heavy meals.After our super “busog lusog” dinner, we decided to go to a cafe. Along the way, we passed by Caffera Photo + Cafe.


Caffera is at the second floor of the commercial building
Caffera is a themed coffee shop and is dubbed as the First Photography Themed Cafe. It opened last year, September 14. Caffera is Cafe and Camera combined in one word. It is located at the second floor of Doña Zenona Suites.I am already hearing a lot about Caffera before, but I haven’t paid a visit until I passed by it last Friday night.First glance, the place is small. Though there are few tables at the veranda, it is still small. Despite that, it has this unusual but friendly vibe that attracts customers.I have said that this is a photography themed cafe, so here are (based on my observations) the highlights that aligned it to its concept.
One thing you will first see on a place are their walls. Caffera didn’t waste that opportunity to show their concept. Walls are decorated with lomo and dslr cameras and camera related stuff like hanging photographs.



This is one of my favorite element at the cafe. Hanging lamp shades are made with camera lenses. I wonder how they made this. 🙂

Aside from the lamps, the tumblers they use to serve smoothies and drinks are also camera lens inspired. I once saw these tumblers when me and my boyfriend are looking for gifts and I assure you, the tumblers are expensive. The owners have really invested quite amount with this idea.

Now let’s go to their menu. The theme isn’t just visible on the cafe’s displays, it also showed on their menu. Here are some of it.

  • X-Pro Espresso
  • Lomo Latte
  • Sutro Caramel Macchiato
  • Mugshot Coffee
  • Hot Choco-LOFI
  • ISO Amaro Cano
  • ISO Choco LOFI
  • ISO Latte
  • ISO Caramel Macchiato
  • ISO Matcha Latte

Usual cold drinks like frappes we know are named frappertures at Caffera. You can choose from vanilla frapperture, caramel, mocha, and their best sellers choc-o-nut frapperture and tiramisu frapperture. Best sellers for their hot drinks are Sierra Mocha and White Mocha.What we ordered:I had Mocha Frapperture and my boyfriend ordered Green Apple Smoothie.Aside from menu list, sizes of the drinks are also inspired by photography. Medium and Large drinks are named Pixel and Megapixel.


Green Apple Smoothie

Mocha Frapperture
So what would you like to eat while drinking coffee based drinks? Yes, cookies. Have their Camera Cookies. I bought two of it for 35 pesos only.

Caffera merchandise are also sold  like camera flash drives and if you want to have the tumblers, they also sell it!Do you see the camera clock? 🙂


Though the cafe is quite small, I believe with the great potential it has and by the income it gets by the groups who religiously visit them, they would soon have a bigger space. I would go back and try their best sellers soon. Thumbs up to the owners. Thumbs up to the concept!Cafe Hours
Monday – Thursday: 9:00 am to 11:00 pm
Friday – Sunday: 9:00 am to 12:00 amLocation: Doña Zenona Suites, 54 Maginhawa St cor. Mahusay, UP Village. Quezon CityCaffera Facebook Page
Caffera Instagram: caffera_ph

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