Maginhawa StrEAT Adventures: Artsy Cafe at 36 Maginhawa Street

Maginhawa StrEAT Adventures: Artsy Cafe at 36 Maginhawa Street

Maginhawa StrEAT Adventures: Artsy Cafe at 36 Maginhawa Street

Hangry, a state of anger caused by lack of food… This is the exact state of being me and Budjie is currently experiencing while wandering at the long Maginhawa Street. We know that there are lots of cafes and food restos along the street, but we are not prepared that it was that actually long! We started walking from Sikatuna all down to a cafe we felt love at first sight, that’s at 36 Maginhawa Street. You are right, it is at the artsy-artsy, beautiful and classy Artsy Cafe.

Me and Budjie are lucky enough that we didn’t have to line up because we are only 2. There are groups outside still waiting for there are no available long tables yet. Wooh! Really lucky because we are so hangry!

Artsy Cafe highlights:

  • Interiors
  • Wall Designs
  • Mason Jars
  • High Ceiling and chandeliers
  • FAST serving of food
Wall Art
Wall Art
Artsy Cafe Restroom

What we ordered

Because my taste buds always want to explore, I did not ordered coffee (which I always want), instead I had Lemon Basil and Grilled Fish Fillet (part of their Entrees) while Budjie ordered mojos and the Tapa which is part of their All Day Breakfast Meal.

Lemon Basil Tea –> 80 pesos

Grilled Fish Fillet is actually a hit. I love its texture as well as the tomatoes and onions and uhm I don’t know what greens are that. Hahaha. The sauce adds more yummy taste to it! Lemon Basil is surprisingly good. Lemon is still dominant while the basil gives you the after taste.

Grilled Fish Fillet –> 130 pesos


Bill out!

We love the meals we ordered, really delicious. Hindi madamot ang servings. I would definitely recommend this for you to pay a visit. Look at our happy faces now. hahaha! ‘Till my next cafe adventure!


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  1. Looks delicious! I love nicely decorated cafes and restaurants. I stay in UP Village during weekdays and Artsy Cafe is just few meters walk from the house. I should definitely try. Gonna have a date with my BF and I think that’s a perfect venue :3 <3

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