Maginhawa StrEAT Adventures: Griddle Steak x Chicken

Where would you usually go when you like to go to and eat to a new place? Me? I go to Maginhawa Street. Not because it is famous but because you know you will never run out of place to try. These days, restaurants and cafe pop out from left to right of this famous street.

Last Sunday night, my boyfriend came at the house a little late. Sigh. >.< Well, he watched UAAP basketball game that’s why. So since it’s late already, I don’t to wanna go far and besides, malls are near to closing. We decided, then to go to Maginhawa since it’s just near where I live.

Griddle Steak x Chicken wall decorations

Budjie and I rode a taxi going there. I suggest this to other people as well especially if you still don’t have a specific place to go because Maginhawa is a long street. Anyway, with the help of a relaxed ride, it didn’t took us a long time to finally see a new place to eat and so we chose Griddle Steak x Chicken.

Griddle Steak x Chicken is a little space occupying two floors with a very attracting clean ambiance. I like the chairs and the small tables,the wall decors and the resto’s ‘travel’ theme.. ๐Ÿ™‚

Griddle Steak x Chicken Highlights

  • Wall Decors
  • Chairs and Tables
  • Hanging Airplanes


What We Ordered


So what would you expect on their menu? Of course, mostly chicken and steak. ๐Ÿ™‚ I had to order Honey Bagoong Wings as it is their must try. It’s a fried chicken coated with bagoong alamang. I had to say I did not know that bagoong (shrimp paste) would compliment to chicken. It is a little oily (Budjie noticed it also), but just at the chicken’s skin. My only issue is I didn’t taste even a little of the honey. Maybe it’s because the bagoong has a too strong taste.

Honey Bagoong Wings | P130

For my main dish, I tried their Griddle Steak. I love this! The special rub for the steak is so tasty and peppery. Yum! You have the will also to choose what side dish and rice you want. I chose the corn and carrots as side dish and for the love of kimchi (yes, I love kimchi), I chose the Kimchi rice. Everything is like a match made in heaven! <3

Griddle Steak | P180

My boyfriend ordered Southern Buttermilk Fried Chicken. Look how big that chicken is! Same thing, you can choose your side dish and rice. Budjie had mashed potato and plain rice. I had to pinch a little from his food because this is my first choice, I want to try it. I wanted this at first but he insisted he likes it. So being a good girl (uhm…), I gave way. Haha. Uhm. Well, it did not disappointed me. It tastes as what the name says. Nothing special with the gravy, though.

Southern Buttermilk Fried Chicken | P140

We also ordered 2 of their House Blended Iced Tea and a cup of rice (P20) which is cheap to our surprise. (hmm… that rhymes!)

House Blended Iced Tea | P30

Eveyrthing in this place is great. The food, the ambiance and the people.ย The music they play is also good! I am craving to try their Grilled Lime Pork Belly so I plan to return soon. This place, I think is patronized by a lot of people because there are large groups who came after we had ordered. We are just lucky to be early!

I recommend this to everyone. Pay a visit at Griddle Steak x Chicken!

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Griddle Steak x Chicken is located at 106 Maginhawa Street, just in front of Infinitea.


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