Maginhawa StrEAT Adventures: Craft your DIY Meals at Woodchuck House

Last Saturday, the biggest foodie event- Foodgasm was held at Maginahawa Street, My original plan is to visit the bazaar and find great foods there. Unfortunately, it is raining, so me and my boyfriend chose to go with Plan B. I actually have a list and schedule of cafes and restaurant I would want to visit. On top of my list is Woodchuck House, so that’s where we went.

This time, it’s not only me and Budjie who had the adventure… I saw Bobby’s Facebook post. He is having a hard time deciding which restaurant he will visit at Maginhawa. Hahaha. So, of course, I told him to come with me and my boyfriend.

Woodchuck House is a restaurant that serves Filipino food and DIY All Day Breakfast Meal, DIY Panini and DIY coffee. DIY? Do-It-Yourself, exactly!  It is located at The Square, Magiting St., street that intersects Maginhawa.


Below is a slideshow view of the menu of Woodchuck.

  • Chapter 1 – DIY All Day Breakfast
  • Chapter 2 – Local Favorites
  • Chapter 3 – Rice Meals

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  • Chapter 4 – DIY Panini
  • Chapter 5 – Pasta
  • Chapter 6 – Add Ons ,Dessert and DIY Coffee

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What We Ordered

For only P138, you can have your DIY All Day Breakfast. All you have to do is to choose your meat, choose your carbs and last, choose the way you want the egg to be cooked. (check the first slideshow) My DIY All Day Breakfast is Lechon Bagnet, Garlic Rice and Scrambled Egg (add 5 pesos). Bonus! You’ll have buttered veggies on the side! I love the taste of the bagnet especially when dipped to the spicy vinegar. I have never tried paring lechon bagnet with eggs, but oh, it’s savory. I love scrambled eggs! What I just noticed is that the rice is a little sticky. (I don’t know if that’s the way the cook does it.)

my DIY All Day Breakfast

We Filipinos love barbecue, yes? So, of course they have it here! Budjie ordered Pork Barbecue (2 sticks) and Mojos. It costs P158. It has the Woodchuck logo so I think that means it is a must try. The mojos are quite different to the usual mojos we see. Yet I think this is how the restaurant wanted to show their uniqueness. I don’t mind how it looks, it’s delightful to eat! Did I mention that my DIY Breakfast meal and this rice meal were served with a bottle of iced tea? Yey! It’s really worth the money.

Pork Barbecue and Mojos

Look how the dishes are served! Very unique and well-plated. 

IMG_7036I don’t usually order desserts but I saw that they have Leche Flan on the menu. Exactly! I ordered one, woohoo!

For only 38 pesos, you’ll enjoy the heavenly taste of Leche Flan. I think I am gonna go back and order a lot of this!

Woodchuck House is a little cafe/restaurant housed at the recently opened The Square. (Don’t worry because they have dining tables outside to accommodate larger groups.)

While waiting for your order, you can write, doodle or do some scribbles on the sticky notes and use the colored pens they have at the counter. Feel free to use it and post it on the cafe’s walls!  Check out more photos below!


Mason Jars = Lamps


Facebook Page: Woodchuck House

Operating Hours

Tue-Thurs: 7:30 am-10:30 pm
Fri-Sat: 7:30 am-12:30 am
Sun:7:30 am-10:30 pm


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  1. this is a very creative idea… it’s nice that you can come up with so many great combination with your meal in a very reasonable price… I’m drooling over that Leche Plan.. i wonder how big it is…. is the size similar to Mang Inasal? (I think it looks bigger)

  2. Have yet to visit Maginhawa and will definitely check this place out when I do. Any restaurant that serves all day breakfast is a must try for me, plus the prices are reasonable. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Food looks really yummy, and hearing your thoughts about it says it all. I love the idea of a DIY breakfast, and the Leche Flan looks really inviting! I also love the fact that the prices are really reasonable. I’d definitely drop by WoodChuck House soon.

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