KaKa: Generations of Filipino Cuisine

It was one day when me and Budjie are too hungry but can’t decide where to eat. We were at SM Megamall. I am a little too pissed and he was too as we cannot agree where we would eat until the lady from a seemingly small restaurant approached us and showed us the menu. Finally, we two agreed to have our dinner there.

That restaurant which looks small is Kaka: Generations of Filipino Cuisine. I appreciate the great ambiance inside the resto. Lights are good and it looks neat. The tables and chairs they have are the designs of chairs and tables I like and dreams to have if already have my own resto.


It did not took me long to order after seeing Ensaladang Agar-Agar on their menu. When I am at Roxas City for a business trip, I ordered one serving of this, too at a seaside restaurant. That was I think last March and it was only here at Kaka that I saw again agar-agar present on a menu. Ensaladang Agar-Agar is a seaweed and green mango salad. Kaka added slices of tomatoes and onions to there version of this. The salad was served with Calamansi. I added soy sauce on the calamansi. The salad is soooo delicious.  I can’t resist but to eat a lot of it plus rice!  

Ensaladang Agar-Agar | P185

Kaka just turned one year last September and that was when they started to offer Salo-Salo meals and Solo meals. Salo-Salo meals (for 2 persons) and Solo meals are meal packages for people in a budget. The viands are served with 1 pandan rice, pandan iced tea and with their super tasty ice cream. I ordered Adobong Baby Pusit (solo meal) and Budjie had Bicol Express (solo meal). Now it so obvious that I am a fan of seafood. 🙂  Kaka gave justice to the adobong pusit. Huling-huli nila ang panlasa ko. I did not enjoy the Bicol Express, though. Budjie and I usually share all of the foods we order that’s why I got the chance to try. Why I didn’t like it? It is super spicy! Though we know that Bicol Express is a spicy dish, it was way too much for Kaka’s. (Or maybe, it is really how it should be?) I saw a rating on their Facebook Page which one is saying that the Bicol Express is not spicy. I don’t know how did it happen but the one me and Budjie had was so spicy! Hindi namin kinaya!

Adobong Baby Pusit and Bicol Express with pandan rice, pandan iced tea and ice cream both for P175 each

The biggest surprise here is the ice cream which is served with any Solo Meals. I wasn’t expecting how good it was. They have few flavors but I chose Avocado. The ice cream really tastes like Avocado. It’s like a frozen milky avocado shake.

Avocado Ice Cream

Other dishes on Kaka’s menu includes other Filipino cuisine like Adobo, Paksiw, Sinigang, Kare-Kare, Sisig, Ensaladang Talong and a lot more. So if you feel like your taste buds want Filipino dishes, go check out Kaka!

photo source: https://www.facebook.com/KaKaPH

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