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More than 8,000 people have liked their Facebook page and based on logged check ins, over 33,3o3 (as of press time) have been into this resto. I have been wanting to dine here but always gets heart broken whenever I see the queue. It is deliberately long! It is literally like a queue in a jeepney terminal, only that, it is inside the famous EAT streat – I am talking about Gerry’s Jeepney.

Located at 7 Maginhawa Street, Gerry’s Jeepney is a Pinoy jeepney terminal themed restaurant. I think most of you know that you will be dining inside an actual jeepney. It is not gonna take you elsewhere but your taste buds will be bumping into a paradise of delicious Filipino cuisine.

Gerry, the owner of jeepney, is the inspiration for this restaurant, because he is loud, makulay and very Filipino, just like a jeepney. Our restaurant is good for group dates, dates and even solo dates, just like a jeepney, hindi pa gagalaw kung hindi pa puno. 

-Gerry’s Jeepney facebook page


I joined the OpenRice Team and fellow bloggers on discovering the reason of this “patok” jeepneys. I literally did not make it on the scheduled time because of the traffic. Haaa. Let’s not talk about the heavy traffic at EDSA. Let’s talk about food!

Gerry’s is known for their boodle fight meals. The choices for the boodle menu are named after jeepney routes. The team selected Ayala which is good for 2-4 persons. For me, it is not only up to 4, with the servings they have, I think it can stretch up to 6 persons.

photo by Ms. Cindy

Ayala boodle costs 780 pesos and includes:

  1. boneless bangus
  2. crispy shrimp
  3. 2 pork liempo
  4. itlog na maalat
  5. ensaladang talong
  6. 4 servings of iced tea
  7. soup
  8. Jeepney Fried rice

Rice is so tasty and is cooked well. All of the inclusion of this boodle is delicious. My favorite is liempo and boneless bangus. It is not always that I get to eat these Pinoy meals like the ensaladang talong and itlog that’s why I am in awe with the restos concept of serving Filipino food.

The team ordered additional viands from the “Pandagdag Sizzling” and “Ibang Ulam” selections. We had the sizzling sisig (P190) and Binagoongang Lechon Kawali with Pritong Talong (P210). OMG! Binagoongang Lechon Kawali is a must try! I swear! The super crispy pork goes along with the bagoong and it is not the crispy type that you cannot eat, huh. It is cooked patiently to achieve the typical lechon kawali dish. There is nothing different with the Sizzling Sisig, though.

I stayed for awhile at the restaurant while the team went home already. While waiting, I ordered Puto Bumbong from their new Puto Bumbong and Bibingka stall.


I had to stay that I think their Puto Bumbong is a good innovation of the classic puto we used to eat during Christmas season. It has cheese on top and noticed drizzles of condensed milk. Hmm. Perfect for a dessert!


All in all, I like the concept of Gerry’s Jeepney. I enjoyed the food and the ambiance. It is a great way of promoting the Filipino cuisine. Together with the sari-sari stores, puto bumbong and jeepneys – I invite you guys to visit and do your food ‘trip’.

For those who are interested, please note that they require reservations during Tues, Wed and Thursday.


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  1. Tried Gerry’s jeepney months ago and really loved the food. I love Filipino food and nothing beats affordable and yummy dishes. 🙂

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