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Inside a compound at White Plains lies a haven for all “chicharon” (pork rinds) lovers, the Oinky’s Chicharon and Good Eats. From chicharon laman and balat, barbeque flavored or not down to  chicha bits – they all have it for you. Add up their own recipe for original and spicy vinegar – yes, you are all solved.

Why chicharon? “Because we all love chicharon!”

– Kristine Soguilon-Lim

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Oinky’s Chicharon and Good Eats is located at Xotix Carwash Compound, 28 Katipunan Ave., White Plains, Quezon City. It is one of the chain of restaurants owned by SOGUILON FOODS CORPORATION founded by its current Chairwoman and CEO Kristine Soguilon-Lim.


I was lucky I am on leave from work that’s why I was able to join fellow food bloggers for Open Rice PH’s Eat’s A Date event. I enjoy attending events like this because I can expand my network and at the same time I can mingle with fellow bloggers.

Now let’s do the painggit of all the delisyoso pork grinds and other traditional foods I have tried.  *so you will visit them and try* HAHAHA.

As of writing, I am nibbling the Chicharon Laman (original) Ms. Kristine gave to me. I am dipping it to the vinegar they also sell on the resto.

According to Ms. Kristine, their Chicharon recipe has no preservatives. The pork rinds are inside a zip locked like packaging. Shelf life is up to 20 days. They have 5 different pork rinds to offer which are super yummy when paired to Oinky’s own vinegar (spicy and original). I personally love to pair the flavored laman to the original vinegar.

Pork Grinds Choices

  1. Original Balat – P68.00
  2. Original Laman -P148.00
  3. Flavored Balat (Barbeque flavored) – P70.00
  4. Flavored Laman (Barbeque flavored) – P150.00
  5. Chicha Bits (Barbeque flavored) – P40.00

After some chitchats, it’s time for the burger party!

I did not have a taste of everything because I don’t know if I can still go home if I do. But, my instinct is really good! Me and Cie of devoured the Chori Pandesal (with mushrooms). I am no fan of burgers but the fact that Oinky’s used pandesal made me enjoy eating it. The mayonnaise and banana ketchup and the juicy chorizo patty is a “one hit combo”. We noticed also that they separate the lettuce and tomatoes for every serving of pandesals. That is actually good because not all people like to have lettuce and tomatoes in their burgers, yes?


Now it’s time for a little refreshment. Oinky’s Halo-Halo costs P63.00. The halo-halo is loaded with ube, leche flan, langka, minatamis na saging and kaong.

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Just when we thought the food tasting is over… Here comes the Barbeque Carbonara. Oh my! I love carbonara! Carbonaras are usually topped with bacon but Oinky’s put a little twist by topping it with barbeque. And no, not just bits of barbeque. It’s from the whole stick of it! I like creamy carbonaras and this one did not disappointed me.

BBQ Carbonara | P178.00

Finally if you are at Oinky’s during breakfast time, try their champorado, chicken arozcaldo and ginataang bilo-bilo. The chocolate used for champorado is “batirol” which is the traditional way of cooking champorado here in the country. I remember my Lolo Angel when I had a taste of the Chicken Arozcaldo. My lolo used to cook arozcaldo when his still with us. Woo. Nostalgia.

Champorado and Aroz Caldo P38.00 | Ginataang Bilo-bilo P48.00

I have created a gallery for other food that Oinky’s offer. Check the slideshow. 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I recommend for you guys to try going to Oinky’s Chicharon and Good Eats. Order a burger, nibble chicharon, refresh with the mais con yelo, share with your friends a bowl of Ginataang Bilo-bilo and Barbeque Marinara. Have these over a great conversation and enjoy!

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  1. This post made me crave! It’s been a while since I ate chicharon. It looks so yummmeeeh just by looking at those photos. At first, I thought they only serve varieties of chicharon. ahaha. It’s good that they also have other kinds of food to try. I would love to try that pandesal burger!

  2. Girl, you had me at “yummy chicharon!” I do wish though that Oinky’s can have a branch in southern manila soon, so that I can try it for myself… I don’t think I can make my husband realize the importance of perfect chicharon when I have to make us travel all the way to QC kasi hehehehe… Also, a friend of mine gave us a taste of the Lakan Lamabnog and damn, that’s some strong stuff! :3

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