Maginhawa StrEAT Adventures : Laruan Atbp Cafe

Maginhawa StrEAT Adventures : Laruan Atbp Cafe

It was me and my boyfriend’s usual Saturday. A day spent together and a day for a nice dinner. For me, I call it SaturDATES. For this kind of day, especially just after payday, Maginhawa is our place to be for another food adventure and blog feature. Since we have already dined to several of the food restos and cafes there and have not planned ahead where to go, we decided to walk along the famous eat street to find something interesting.

Not too long, we found Laruan Atbp. Café. My boyfriend suggested we try it. He said, one of the members of a famous Pinoy band usually posts about the café on his Instagram account. It’s not usual that he recommends but I thought it is a nice suggestion. We went and waited for few minutes before being seated.


I find the place different with other cafes and restaurants on Maginhawa. Its structure and design are very manly but not in a way that girls would not want to enter. Why manly? The place has high ceilings, interiors of visible pipes, bars, unpainted walls and wooden tables. But I think it worked, anyway.

laruan atbp cafe

Laruan will not be Laruan without a concept that fits its name. Few steps just after entering the café, you will already have a glimpse of the board games displayed and are allowed to be played by diners. You’ll also see a lot of people laughing and enjoying while playing.


As soon as we are seated, we checked their menu. I ordered Carbonara and Vanilla Milk Tea while Budjie ordered Cajun Sandwich and Wintermelon Milk Tea. While waiting, it’s time to play!

Milk Teas were served and it’s timely because I was a little bit thirsty. I like the Vanilla Milk Tea. I usually choose Wintermelon so I didn’t know Vanilla goes well with my taste buds. Yummm. I also sipped some of Budjie’s Wintermelon because I just love Wintermelon. Hahahaha.

Near 30 minutes passed, neither Carbonara nor Cajun Sandwich has been served….

I went to the counter and tried to talk with the people there. All I saw is a lady (I think) punching orders and a barista. All busy. Even if I said “excuse me po…”, no one bothered to raise their heads and speak to me. I then saw the waiter so I asked him if he could follow up our order. We weren’t advised that it would take that long so I asked. Then I went back to our table. He approached our table and said “Pasensya na po a, marami po kasing tao.” I thought he sounded sarcastic but I just ignored. Sooner, my Carbonara was served, but not the sandwich. You know dates – sabay kayong kakain, kwentuhan and that time, we are playing games. Hindi muna ako kumain. So we again, waited. Waited. Waited. Waited. We waited for another 20 minutes… Ang lamig na ng Carbonara ko. 🙁 So, I had to follow up again with the same waiter. I sounded pissed when I asked, I know! Then…… The Cajun Sandwich came 10 minutes after. Nearly an hour for the full order to be served. Hayyy. And then it happened. I know my boyfriend is already disappointed with what the waiter said to us the first time I reminded them of my order. I noticed it when we were playing but I shook it off. When the sandwich was served, my boyfriend commented – “Ang tagal…” to which the waiter responded with “wala na po tayong magagawa dun…” SARCASTIC. As in sarcastic. And I don’t know you guys have already heard a waiter said that. You know, we didn’t mind his tone again, we ate. Nagutom na din kami.

Laruan’s Carbonara
Chicken on the Cajun Sandwich. The chicken was roasted/cooked too much.

We don’t want to leave the resto with a heavy heart so I took the Scrabble game and together we ate while playing.  I want us to enjoy, atleast… Scrabble is the one classic board game I enjoy playing so much. I remembered winning in an Interdepartment Scrabble competition when I was in college. To my enjoyment, it was late when I noticed that my boyfriend have too much tiles on his rack and holds few more on his hands. He is (intentionally) cheating. HAHAHA! He laughed hard when I noticed and complained!

One of the waiters approached our table while we were playing and asked how are we doing. I asked him why he is doing that (because I thought it might be that they know about what happened), he said he always do that. He asks guests and nagungumusta. Again, we don’t want to leave hating so we told him about what happened. He eventually introduced himself as the Head Waiter and apologized for what had happened. We accepted it, of course. All is well, right? 🙂


I know it is a bad experience, but for me, I would like to try again visiting their cafe. I still have to check other food they serve and the frappes too. It was good that the staff do the rounds of checking their customers so that they would know if something was wrong just like what happened to my visit.

Thank you, Onin and to the social media handler who responded to my IG post. 🙂



 Laruan Atbp Cafe is located at 1F Luisa Bldg 2, 107 Maginhawa Street, Teacher’s Village

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