A haven for book lovers just by the train

Have you seen the Book Store along Guadalupe MRT Station?

It was one hot day after a shift from work, I was craving for green mangoes. After alighting the jeepney at Guadalupe, I saw a girl eating green mangoes. What the heck, just when I am craving, talaga? So, out of my desire to satisfy the craving, I walked along Guadalupe not minding the heat. Fortunately I f0ud vendors selling it under the stairs going to Guadalupe MRT Station. Haaah. Nothing can beat green mangoes dipped in bagoong alamang.

Just when I am about to go to the Bus stop, I saw a little shop just few steps away from the MRT Station. It was a place book lover would want to spend a lot of time at. I instantly forgot about the mangoes I have.

Book Store along Guadalupe MRT Station

Located at a commercial building just after going out the MRT Guadalupe station and facing the traffic filled EDSA is this no-name book shop. I went to check and saw a lady busy writing prices on the tags and a man arranging the books they are selling.

I scanned the shelves and looked for interesting titles and even looked for my favorite authors. Yellowish stains prove that most books are old but rest assured are not in bad condition.  Was surprised to see pieces by New York Times’ Best Seller authors like Dean Koontz, John Grisham, Tom Clancy, Ken Follet and my favorite romance novelist Barbara Delinsky.

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The price of the books ranges from 20 pesos to 100 each. There are promos for the 40 pesos books which you can buy 3 of them for only 100. The books are all arranged per genre. Newly published but second hand books are also being sold.  I saw the Twilight series, Precious Hearts Romances pocket books, inspirational books and a lot more.


After a few minutes I spent inside browsing, I found 2 Delinsky masterpieces. One is 25 pesos and one I got for only 40 pesos. The lady who is writing prices a while ago wrapped my purchase in a magazine. I asked her if she owns the shop and our little conversation began. The man who was busy arranging the books awhile ago also happily joined me and the lady’s conversation. I had to go already so after a small chat and after I was handed my change I went out the shop with a wide smile.

I love reading books. I have more than 50 of them on top of my cabinet. I do not bother spending for books, books make me day dream, books bring me to places I have never been, reading books makes me learn.

As I step out, I know for myself that was just one of few, or even lots of visits

The books I bought!


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  1. This is a treasure! I love reading books too and they are crazy expensive here in Singapore. I had to order online and wait for weeks of delivery just to save moolah. I’m gonna check this out when we go back Pinas. Buti accessible sa Edsa. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. I’ve browsed their books early last year. Hindi nga lang ako bumili. They have a collection of Star Trek books, in paperback, I was interested in collecting Star Trek books, bit of a Trekkie. It’s just that I was hunting for them in Hard bound kaya hindi ko rin binili.

  3. This is definitely a worthy place to check out… hopefully I can find some old Stephen King novels and of course, as you mentioned meron silang John Grisham Yey (i enjoyed reading his “The Client” book)

  4. Thanks for sharing! Will make my stop when I go to NSO in quezon ave soon and see if they have the Divergent series. and the works of Nora Roberts 🙂 Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  5. Will share your good book store find with my friends who live within Guadalupa area. I just bought second-hand book online for a cheaper price din naman.

  6. Wow! Though I’m not a book lover but these books are very cheap. Would love to visit this place atleast find something useful to read.

  7. I knew the place, I grew up in Guadalupe and ABC theatre used to be one of our hangouts years ago.

    Have you noticed management books? I’ll visit soon to check their titles.

  8. Wow! You got those books at a very cheap price! I love old books better than new one, and I’m always out to give some away. As Coelho said, they have their own journeys to make 🙂

  9. I live two stops away from Guadalupe station! I could probably drop by one day just to take a walk and see what I could see at Guadalupe. It sure would be nice exploring new places for me.

    I am new in Mandaluyong after having spent most of my time in Quezon City. I also happen to love books!

  10. This is truly a bookworm paradise! I too know of this hole on wall store in Pedro Gil where I trade books after reading them. I used to spend hours getting there lalo na if there’s free time between classes. Not sure if it’s still open though.

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