Satisfy your sweet tooth at Love Desserts

Two days before our anniversary, my boyfriend granted my wish of going to Love Desserts. We know boys, they are not a huge fan of sweets. *wink* Me? I LOVE SWEETS! I think I would be Diabetic just soon because of my frustration to eating chocolates, sweets and cakes. If you want to satisfy your sweet tooth – hands down, you have to go to this place.

Love Desserts has two branches – Banawe and Fairview. We wentΒ  to the Fairview branch which is so near to where I live at. It is located at Pearl Drive Commercial Center. Sounds odd for a desserts buffet, but this small place undoubtedly has a large selections of yummy cakes, pastries, ice creams and cupcakes occupying one of the stalls at the second floor of the commercial center. Nothing much with the interiors, just look at the table and it will speak for itself.


Trivia: Love Desserts is the FIRST dessert buffet here in the Philippines


By 6pm that night, Love Desserts was already jam packed with barkadas, couples and families. We waited few minutes to be seated. Just about we were seated, the waitress put a small paper to our table with a time on it. It says “6:03pm to 8:03 pm” so I am assuming you are allowed to stay for 2 hours only. But hey! 2 hours is just enough, yeah?

I tried their Carrot Cake, mini cream parfait and fruits
They have mini cream parfait, cookies, brazo de mercedes (super delicious), cupcakes and rainbow cake!
If you somehow are thirsty, grab some drinks on this station and quench with either hot or cold coffee, tea and chocolate. You may also request for crepe filled with either banana,, mangoes, or peaches!


I ate a lot of this! This is Love Desserts’ own version of Nachos. It is made of lumpia wrapper. Perfect for a little break with sugar πŸ™‚


My boyfriend indulged to this – Bubblegum Ice Cream!




A ginger bread cookie chef “greeting you hello” and “bidding you goodbye” within the 2 hours stay in this sugary gastronomic place.

If you are planning to visit Love Desserts, I recommend trying Brazo de Mercedes, mango cream puff, parfait, carrot cake, banana crepe and nachos. Though they also offer fruit shakes, with the load of sugar, I would say just drink hot coffee or tea. I opted to drink hot tea and it worked as a good “umay” buster.

Indulge yourself with all the mouthwatering sweets. But, remember, as this being a buffet, no leftovers are allowed. I suggest just getting one slice of each cake if you would like to have a taste of them all. Or, you may just go back and have a lovely stay at this sugary gastronomic place. ❀️

Facebook Page – Love Desserts

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  1. I have heard of this but have yet to visit.I think this post is very timely for Valentines.Your recommendations are my favorites do I need to go there soon!

  2. The words “dessert” and “buffet” are a match made in heaven. Ahhh! We should get a branch here in Naga too! Sounds like a diabetes-inducing trip, albeit an awesome one. Haha.

  3. oh gosh…this place is heaven and yes, it will also bring me to heaven because unfortunately I have diabetes so I must refrain myself from eating sweets too much.. sigh… but i hey.. sometimes I have a cheat day LOL..
    thanks for sharing.. I might consider visiting this someday (and make sure to bring my meds too haha)

  4. My gosh, this place is full of sweets! A buffet full of sweets? No wonder if the customers’ blood sugar would skyrocket like an airplane. Do they offer other viands like meat? Well, I think this place is not for me, but if ever a friend of mine who happens to be a sweet tooth would want to try something new then I will recommend this place to him/her.

  5. Wifey and daughter will love this place, chocolate cakes and other choco flavored sweets will be in danger to them, haha!

    At 199 pesos per person? Not bad. Will look for a branch near Manila and try this out soon!

  6. I’ve been into buffets but I haven’t tried a dessert buffet. I was recently at Fairview (near FCM) the other day! If I have known about this earlier, I would have visited them. Looks like I have a new “to go to” business in Fairview next week! πŸ™‚

  7. Oh ,. this must be paradise ! I looove all sorts of sweets and desserts and ice cream …. If I would live there , they probably would see me every day ! Thanks for this lovely piece of reading πŸ™‚

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