Maginhawa StrEAT Adventures: Valentine’s Date at The Pilgrim

Valentines Date at The Pilgrim

It’s Feb-Ibig month and Valentine’s Day has just passed. Where did you and your partner, your family and loved ones celebrated Valentine’s

Aside from our Boracay Excapade (which is our pre-valentine celebration), me  and my boyfriend celebrated Valentine’s by doing our favorite activity – EATING! Hahaha. After his basketball game, we had our date at The Pilgrim. The basketball game finished a little bit late, luckily, The Pilgrim is open until dead of night.

The Pilgrim is located at 189 Maginhawa Corner Makadios Street, Sikatuna Village, Quezon City. For everyone who has not been in Maginhawa (What? You are missing a lot already!), I recommend you take the tricycle at Philcoa. The tricycle drivers already know the where to’s at this famous EAT Street. Just tell them the address or the name of the café or resto.

Anyway, this date has nothing so big. We just wanted to have a simple celebration. We have already exhausted certain amount of money for our recent vacation. tipid mode lol

felt the Valentine’s vibe because of these.


The Pilgrim’s concept is “dine, travel, explore” because the chef of the resto included some of the famous and common delicacies of each county he has already visited. I heard they named this restaurant “The Pilgrim” because it is located at Maginhawa’s corner street – Makadios.

So much for the trivia, let me now show what we ordered. 🙂

Salisbury Steak – 195
Salisbury Steak | P 195
Wagyu Sirloin Steak & Egg | P 185
Wagyu Sirloin Steak & Egg | P 185

This restaurant is mainly known for its delicious steaks. I tried Wagyu Sirloin Steak and Egg. I love how the flavors are blended on the steak. All are balanced. I am not a fan of the salad though. The pesto sauce and the veggies didn’t go well with my taste buds. Budjie wallowed in the mouthwatering serving of Salisbury Steak. I get to taste it too (nakitikim lang hehehe) and I like how juicy the steak is.

Us  | The Drummer and the Blogger

We had some chat after. We talked about his basketball game. I even asked him if he liked my gift. He said, if he didn’t why would he wear it? Yup. He wore my gift (printed aztec shirt) just after I gave him to him. Hahaha. Why he’s so sweet?
How about you dearest readers? Where did you celebrate Valentine’s? Or how did you choose to celebrate it? Did you have fun?  Because I surely did. ❤️

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  1. One of my goals is to visit this famous Maginahawa street and satisfy my tummy with their foods… I saw a lot of great reviews and saw a lot of tempting food photos from other bloggers that made me so eager to visit this place

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