Ultimate Adventure at Maginhawa StrEAT

Maginhawa StrEAT Food Park
Maginhawa StrEAT Food Park

I have been visiting restaurants at Maginhawa but I haven’t ever tried yet checking Maginhawa StrEAT Food Park, well until last time. Oh, you noticed. Yes, you got it right – strEAT. Whenever me and my boyfriend, Budjie decides to have our date at the famous eat street, the food park is already crowded with people and there are no seats available to dine. <sigh> However, we were lucky that day. We both agreed to just saunter at Maginhawa as we got tired of just strolling malls and unsatisfying our gastronomic cravings by dining on  just same restaurants.

The food park is located at 91st of the eat street composed of establishments housed inside a quirky food truck or artsy slots you would want to take a picture at. This place is perfect for barkada hang outs especially at nights when you will see the blanket of night sky filled with stars. Everything looks cozy, you will be amazed.

Maginhawa StrEAT Food Park

Me Love You Long Time

First stop is at Me Love You Long Time. I have been eyeing them before and is already part of my list of must visits. Me Love You Long Time in the food park is their second branch aside from their famous spot at Z Compound, Malingap Street. It’s a spot which serves fusion of Thai, Vietnamese and Southeast Asian cuisines. We tried When In Manila’s number 2 on 16 Bestsellers – the Pad Thai (Stir Fried Noodles). With just one bite, you’ll taste the blend of flavors especially the tamarind paste, peanut, ginger, calamansi and spices mixed with the main attraction rice noodles and egg.For rice meal lovers, you need to try MLYLT’s Bagoong Rice with Pork Belly. The bagoong rice is so tasty and the pork belly is cooked well.

Pad Thai – P 190.00

Bagoong Rice with Pork Belly – P 159.00

Endless Summer Café
Mango Banana smoothie
Mango Banana smoothie

If you want a perfect quencher, Endless Summer Cafe is just one stall away. Your 90 pesos for a bottle of Mango Banana smoothie is so worth it. It’s a creamy blend of milk, banana and an overpowering delicious taste of mango! Aside from smoothies perfect for this summer season, Endless Summer Cafe also offers silog meals, rice meals and sisig. Well, that’s ideal for a long chit chat with friends, yes?

Endless Summer Cafe
Summer never ends at Endless Summer Cafe
Zaril Lifestyle Store

Crowd started to get bigger when we finished our meals. Me as a little claustrophobic decided to leave already.  We then went to Zaril Lifestyle where online brand Deco Art lies. I usually get my craft supplies for my planner crafting and designing hobby there. Aside from craft supplies, there are a lot of finds here like clothes, shoes, phone cases, socks, chocolates and even make up. All are products being sold by online brands! So, Zaril is a one stop shop of all your favorite online brands in the Metro! Surprised? Maginhawa is indeed not just a place invaded by restaurants and cafe, lifestyle stores and book shops are also here.

Zentea and Food Clinique


Zen Tea
Zen Tea

We walked along the street and checked other cafes/restaurants to dine on the next visit. Our target on our next SaturDATE is to go at another food park (blog post soon) we saw. It’s at 150 Maginhawa. Whew! We walked again going back and got ourselves a lemon fruit tea and mango fruit tea at Zen Tea. Had it for take out so we can sit and wait for our isaw and barbeque at Food Clinique. (Food Clinique also serves Filipino dishes inside their restaurant. We chose to stay outside as we want some different vibes.)

Food Clinique
Food Clinique

Well, that maybe the biggest food trip we ever had all in one day! I enjoyed the day. For the folks out there, I recommend you visiting Maginhawa and check out the cafes and restaurants. For recommended ones, type Maginhawa StrEAT Adventures in this site’s search bar. 🙂

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  1. That place looks cozy! I really miss street food, and nothing compares to the varied tastes we have there in PH. You’d easily spot a Filipino house here in Norway on a Saturday morning. The smell of adobo or other heavily-spiced meal fills the air.. on the streets! haha I think I have been in one or two of the eateries in Maginhawa, but the place wasn’t that developed yet a few years back, so I had not heard about the food park/s.

  2. I was aiming for StrEAT food last time I went to Maginhawa but I came too early, it was still closed. As a foodie it makes me sad that I still haven’t gone there. It’s all the rave with my foodie friends.

  3. The place looks cosy. The food looks yummy. I think that it’s nice to have these kind of days now and then. Just see all there is and eat the best food.

  4. QC feels like another country when you live in the South. Lol. I’ve always wanted to experience Maginhawa but the traffic is such a deterrent. Nevertheless I’ll get there one day when I visit UPD again. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Looks like you had fun with your food trip. Is this similar to Gastropark in Kapitolyo? I’ve only been to a few restaurants in Kapitolyo, one is Gayuma ni Maria where they sometimes have a resident fortune teller. Want to explore more of this whole food haven.

  6. I also elude crowds as much as I can. I envy you for being able to go there without facing the swarm of people. Bagoong rice with pork belly sounds delish.

    I am just starting to get hooked with planners and would love to know where you buy your supplies.

  7. That day is definitely for you! Looks worth to try many times to get a spot as the whole interior concept is chill and mass-like. Hope I could dine in at the Maginhawa StrEAT next time I visit the area.

  8. Me and my friends are planning to visit this place but as usual, we haven’t got the time yet. It’s just planning. Drawing nga lang daw. LOL. We really wanted to visit this place for as long as I can remember because I think a cat cafe is also located there as well. And we heard Butter Beer from Harry Potter can be found there. 🙁 Hope matuloy na. Thanks for sharing! I wanted to try Pad Thai so baaad.

  9. I pity myself hahaha, Maginhawa has been famous since last year I believe. However, I’ve been here only once. Unique restaurants, delicious food and variety to choose from. Arrggg Maginhawa hope to explore you soon. Thanks for sharing this 🙂 and for making me hungry 🙂 haahha

  10. You had me at ‘Food Park’.. 😛

    My aunt loves dining in the restos and cafes along Maginhawa St as well and she took me to her fave places the last time I paid her a visit… Now this concept, I so love! How I wish I can visit Manila so I can check it out. 😛

  11. I have been wanting to visit Maginhawa StrEAT for like forever! We did drop by Maginhawa at one time but as you said it was so full of people. We decided to visit another day. Fortunately, for me there’s a StrEAT right here in Fairview! I instantly loved it. We enjoyed the food, the seating arrangement and where I met my son’s girlfriend for the first time! Very adventurous day for me it was!

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