Maginhawa StrEAT Adventures: 150 Food Place

150 Food Place

James Beard once said, Food is our common ground, it is a universal experience.” For me, he means that food is a foundation for shared interests. It plays a big part for friendship, relationships and celebration. It is universal and diverse. When you take it literally, any delicacy of every region and country is something we would surely love. As a foodie, I always go for something new and if you want to experience and taste variety of food, I would vouch for a new place me and my boyfriend Budjie have just discovered, the 150 Food Place at 150 Maginhawa Street.

We first discovered 150 Food Place when me and Budjie are trying to look for restaurants to add on our list of must visits. I mentioned this on my previous blog post Ultimate Adventure at Maginahawa StrEAT. The next Saturday, we know already where to go.

Sticky Pig

I don’t know if Sticky Pig is new as I have not seen any reviews yet on Zomato. Anyway, Sticky Pig is an American steakhouse inspired diner which serves barbeque meats such as ribs, pork barbeque and chicken barbeque. We suited ourselves their Grilled BBQ Ribs. It is paired with salad with a choice of rice or French Fries. The BBQ Ribs has a smokey taste and surely finger licking. The pork absorbed the special bbq sauce well. I remember its juiciness. Thank goodness we have a serving of rice from our order at Ahlee’s.


We decided to dine at the open space on the second floor of Ahlee’s. Ahlee’s attracted me with its brick house look. It has a big window that shows their menu with highlights on their best sellers. This is a off-the-grill too just like Sticky Pig but with more offerings on their menu. Comprising their menu are the promising liempo, inasal and lamb chops. You know I love seafood so I ordered Hippin’Hipon (Prawn Skewers). Hippin’ Hipon’s side dish is a mango salsa and is perfect to be pared with their steamy rice. You can enjoy eating with your hands as they will provide you plastic gloves aside from the utensils. I recommend to use your hands when eating this to enjoy. The shrimp is superrrrr juicy. It’s sweet and barbequ-ish. As it’s grilled, the shell is a little hard to peel off. We also ordered 1 pitcher of iced tea. All solve for this delicious food with the great view at the top! Burppp!


The Food Place is more spacious than the Food Park and I like that there are open spaces on the second floor of some stalls. The open dining space at the heart of Food Place is covered. I also love the addition of the trees were the branches are covered with pink lights that makes it look [for me] like a cherry blossom tree at night.

150 Food Place
view from Aslee’s of 150 Food Place
Empire Fashion Cafe

After enjoying the great food, we decided to walk towards Mini Stop (to lessen the trike fare hahaha). We passed by Empire Fashion Cafe. It’s a big shop like Zaril which houses and sells clothes, shoes, accessories, craft items and a lot more from different online brands. Inside it is a cafe that serves coffee, latte and pastries. I can’t stop myself from admiring the dresses. I bought one, too!  Hahahaha

There are still a lot more to explore in Maginhawa and I don’t know if I have atleast checked quarter of them. New stores and cafes keep popping from left and right! For now, I am enjoying!

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  1. How is the food at the Sticky Pig? I mean the name is not really that great but the food is what is important, right? How’s the prices too?

    P.S. You may want to post larger pictures …

    1. I am trying to use google photos and just embedded it on the html. Didnt know it’s too small. Food at sticky pig is good and the price is okay. 🙂 juicy, malasa. 🙂

  2. Been to Maginhawa a number of times and we will definitely check this out. funny lang whenever we go to Maginhawa, we end up to a new place as we cant seem to find the place we would like to try in the first place. We discovered Snack & Ladder in search for the Noof Cafe , for instance. Or we ate at the Wicked Kitchen because we cant find the Artsy Cafe. Ihihi

  3. Tambay ng Maginhawa here, I remeber when it’s just ZENTEA , MOONLEAF AND INFINITEA are the most popular tambayan at maginhawa. Until it was being commercialized , good thing is there are different varieties to choose of. Going back, I’ve been there too and tried that also and definitely whatever it is. If it’s in STEAT. You would definitely like it.

    Have you tried the Lost Bread? it is a must try when you are there.

  4. Are there other stalls inside 150 Food Place? Or is it just Sticky Pig? I just live in Cainta Rizal , so if the food here tastes great and the prices are not that expensive, I would really list this down as a place to go for dates. 🙂 I loved the colorful tree lights. My daughter would want to see that.

    Were there lots of people eating there ?

  5. I’m a huge foodie too, I always like experiencing different type of food. That restaurant looked like a great place to eat and I’m dying to try those BBQ rib.

  6. The Sticky Pig sounds like my kind of place. I loved the picture of the ribs. It looks amazing! I am a big sucker for babyback ribs! It looked like a lot of fun exploring the area and eating good food! The Empire Fashion Cafe is really cool, too. Those pink trees are great!

  7. I’ve never been there, well, I tried but when I went there it’s not yet opened. Empire Fashion Cafe is quite interesting, a shop that is also a cafe, I would definitely check it out.

  8. Sure is an interesting name. I think it’s pretty creative and catchy. lol The food sounds delicious! Sounds like my type of resto. I’d love to check that place out for myself some day. The fact that you said it’s full of flavor and is juicy just attracts me to the place. lol Thanks for sharing.

  9. Sounds like an interesting place. I like the name “Sticky Pig”. lol Pretty creative. I’ve never been to this area before. Sure looks nice. I sure hope to explore and let my taste buds enjoy next time I’m in the area. Thank you for sharing this.

  10. Maginhawa is now a popular place for foodies, yes! Prices are low, foods are charming (IG-worthy, they say). I have yet to discover Maginhawa. But when I do, I will surely look back on your recommendations.

  11. Oh , I could spend a day or two there 🙂 I love these places where you find a wide range of different food styles and dishes . The BBQ ribs look delicious , never heard of Sticky Pigs , but we’ve got an American restaurant chain called Tony Roma’s in many cities all over Europe , they are famous for their BBQ ribs . Can’t beat a day out and about combined with a lovely meal here or there .

  12. sticky pig- I’m not sure if I will laugh or I should avoid that resto.. parang baboy na nga, di pa pinaliguan, haha! I would love to try hippon hipon, kaya lang parang ang liliit ng hipon? How’s the price?

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