5 “Labable” Things at Bubba Lab

5 Things to Love at Bubba Lab

When I was in college, I was skeptical why I have the subject Chemistry given the fact that I am taking up Computer Engineering. I remember the mnemonics, Chemical bonds, countless balancing of chemical equations and of course the memorization of the Periodic Table of Elements. You would think, what’s the connection?<sigh> As the semester goes, I learned to love it. The balancing of chemical equation is fun and the experiments, too! 5 Things to Love

I had to give a loud cheer for the mastermind of the café I just recently visited – Bubba Lab. With fellow bloggers and Book Museum’s staffs, we went here for meryenda after an unforgettable tour at the museum.

Here are 5 Things to Love at Bubba Lab. <3

5 Things to Love at Bubba Lab


They look “labable”

If you are thinking how can a laboratory be incorporated with a café, then you have to pop in to Bubba Lab. Get inside and you will be instantly greeted by the baristas. Oopps, should I call them scienTEAsts? They are neatly dressed in laboratory gowns welcoming you with their sweetest smiles. Ask them what are the best sellers and they will assist you hastily.

They give the lab feels

I once went to a camera/photography themed café where mugs are tumblers that looks like DSLR lenses. Now can you guess with Bubba Lab? Swing by and sip frappes, milk and fruit teas filled inside beakers and flasks. Beaker, flask ,what? Here’s a proof.

They provide lots of choices

For this one, I must admit I wanted to emphasize their awesome menu. There are a lot of choices! The quenchers have a wide selection starting from premium teas to classic, brewed tea to fruit tea. They also have frosts and frappes and 9 choices of toppings too. If you would stay for a little longer in the café, labtizers (appetizers) are also being sold. Also, let us not forget how they design their menu. It looks like Periodic Table of Elements. Have a look!

They have tasty labtizers and quenchers

Have you ever seen the Supernova? What’s a Supernova, by the way? In Science, it is an explosion of a massive supergiant star. The Supernova I am talking is the labtizer of Bubba Lab, the stars are the nachos, fries and squid fritters. The nachos, fries, squid fritters are served separately in a funnel and the funnels are supported by an iron stand. Cheese dip, salsa dip and vinegar are also served. With the exploding flavors of these finger foods – definitely this is like a Supernova. We also tried Crinkly Fries. The crinkly fries are served also in a funnel and we got the flavored fries. It’s not bitin and I mostly enjoyed the sour and cream flavored one. It’s just so mouthwatering!

I enjoyed my order MX or the Mango Tea Frost. Love the salted caramely frost at the top. And of course mango! It is not too sweet. Just a perfect balance of tea, mango and milk.


The café is a lably place especially with labmates

What would you not lab [love] for a place perfect for chitchats, meetings and dates. It is spacious and even has seats outside. The theme of a chemistry lab would not give you the hospital-ish feeling you do not like. The theme was executed seamlessly with a touch of quirkiness. Overall, the chemistry lab theme worked for me. I would definitely go back and I would bring with me other labmates.

We had a game to relax while here with the Book Museum staffs as the game masters. Being here is perfect to cap off the day.

Do your own list of 5 Things to Love at Bubba Lab located at Extension B, C&B Circle Mall, Liwasang Kalayaan Avenue, Marikina Heights, Marikina City


Get instant 10% discount at Bubba Lab Tea after your visit at Book Museum cum Ethnology Center This is part of the Books + Food campaign. Promo runs until June 19, 2016.

5 Things to Love at Bubba Lab

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  1. Bubba Lab, the perfect place with your labmates. The food looks delicious. But the mango tea frost would be my no 1 to try right away! It’s always good to share love or food or happiness. This looks like the perfect place to do so. Nice to get 10% off. I should’ve been closer than all the way in Sweden!

  2. We used to be Marikenos and my school is just near C@B mall but we didnt have those kind of diners and cafes before. I love to visit Marikina to try those restaurants Ive beem reading and hearing a lot.

  3. HAHA! I was waiting to read something about how they use chemistry thingies to do their food and drinks, much like a way of cooking using science. Of course, it’s the theme!

  4. WHY OH WHY are the most ingenious eats usually at the north?! I have wanted to make a restaurant of my own here at the southern part of manila soon enough, but I don’t really have the money yet for such an investment. I think this place can be considered the sister of Dyce and Dine, where they also serve their drinks in beakers and Erlenmeyer flasks… but that place is focusing on the Geeks and this place is focused on the nerds and soon to be scienTEAsts, yes? :3

  5. Computer Engineering graduates are truly awesome people! My co-blogger is a computer engineer graduate too 🙂 Anyway, I’m not a fan of chemistry, but I find the concept of this tea place to be fun. It reminds me of Walter White of Breaking Bad. I admire the owners of this place for thinking thoroughly of their restaurant. They have a name for their servers, a whole list of menu based on the periodic of elements, and the glassware they used. Quite creative. Hope we can visit this too in the near future 🙂 And I hope I get to bond with fellow bloggers too.

  6. What an amazing , different in the best meaning , idea is this ! It really amazes me, how creative young people are when it comes to finding a new business idea . This is so cool ! That has to be honoured by success !

  7. Very interesting cafe. A lab-themed one at that. Was just curious with the menu though. Wasn’t it hard to order food or drinks there because of the periodic table design? I’ll make sure to visit to these places you’ve shared here in Marikina.. Hope the prices are reasonable 🙂 Thanks

  8. Hmm, interesting concept. Capitalism indeed will squeeze the creative genius of enterprising individuals so peeps like us, will spend our hard earned moolah.

  9. I love when caffes have a theme, it’s so cool. In my city we also have something similar, it’s called Lab Caffe. It’s really creative and drinks and food look absolutely delicious!

  10. Bubba Lab is perfect for catching up with friends. Unlike other milktea shops that I’ve tried, this one offers finger food like fish chips, nachos, fries, etc. They also offer a wide variety of milk teas. The place is spacious enough with plenty of tables.

  11. Very interesting concept for a cafe indeed! I liked chemistry in highschool, but not so much in college. Well, that’s how it went for most of my math and science subjects. Or maybe my hs prep was just not enough. :p My bf likes to drink from a beaker too! Lol

  12. I looove the concept! The inner geek in me wants to go there and just enjoy the view. I am such a sucker for Chem way back in highschool and lab as well in college so I really adore this cafe!

  13. Beakers for glasses? A menu that’s the Periodic Table? Most interesting. There are so many places like this popping up in the Metro. I have to remember this place when I go to Marikina.

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