A Garden Heaven for Hungry Soul:Greg and Sally Tree Garden Cafe

Greg and Sally Tree Garden Cafe

A garden full of trees with branches gracefully swaying with the breeze. A canopy bed that reminds you that you have to take time to rest. A kubo and a gazeebo that can house a tired and hungry soul. And a home for a family full of beautiful memories together. This is how an adventurer like me would describe Greg and Sally Tree Garden Cafe.

The lot where Greg and Sally Tree Garden Café is situated is Ancheta family’s backyard. As described by one of Greg and Sally’s apo, Isha – the backyard used to look “magubat” until their family thought of turning it as a café restaurant.

Who is Greg and Sally?

Greg or Gregorio Anceta and Salud Ancheta popularly know as Sally are the beloved grandparents of Miss. Isha. Greg is a soldier and he’s the reason why there are lots of trees on the lot. Isha told us this as she reminisce her childhood when she and her relatives would just go at the backyard and gather fruits.

The café aims to provide good food and great bonding with the fresh ambiance of the garden.

Greg and Sally Tree Garden Cafe
Greg and Sally Tree Garden Cafe | image from https://facebook.com/GregandSally
Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul.
-Luther Burbank


The café is located at Ipil Street, Marikina Heights. You can instantly see it as there is a big signage of the café’s logo. You can also see the map of the whole garden. As you enter, you can feel the ambiance of being at home. You will first see the café with enough seats for people who want some relaxation. This spot has the perfect view of the garden and the canopy bed.


As we continue walking, we saw the gazebo which can accommodate more people.

The path to the Gazeebo

The canopy bed maybe something awkward to see in a garden but it reminded me of the saying, “rest is sweet to those who labor.”


(Where’s the Food?)

Foods served to us are the café restaurant’s best sellers. The Crispy Sinigang caught my attention instantly. My definition of sinigang for me is, the more maasim the soup is, the better. [hahaha] This one surely is. Pork was flavored already when fried so the mix of it into the sinigang soup made the sour and salty flavor balanced.

Crispy Siniganng | P175 / Google Photos

Their Peppered Steak can be paired with a mango salsa on the side or salad. As Miss Isha said, they wanted it that way to freshen up the taste buds. Not gooey chewy. It’s perfectly cooked and flavorful.

Peppered Steak with fresh garden salad | P210 / Google Photos
Steak / Google Photos
Pan Grilled Chicken |
P160 / Google Photos

Pan Grilled Chicken is their version of Inasal. The chicken is specifically served with herb rice on a plate with banana leaves. You would love to eat it with your bare hands. Dan-dan-dan. For the putok batok lovers. You would never want to miss their Boneless Crispy Pata. I tell you it’s so crispy that it’s like eating chicharon (pork rind). I think I consumed a lot of this when we were there. Especially with the balat! Oooh. Just imagine eating chicharon!


Boneless Crispy Pata | P499 / Google Photos

Smoked fish (Tinapa) is delicious alone. I usually want tinapa for breakfast and loves dipping it with toyo with calamansi. But Gourmet Tinapa had it for me notches higher. For me, the presentation looks inviting. The tinapa are shredded to flakes and sandwiched between rice and perfectly cooked sunny side up egg. To balance, it is served with Talinom Salad or mix of green mango and spinach. One thing I didn’t like, I just think the tinapa shreds are bitin. I want more, more, more!

Gourmet Tinapa | P200 / Google Photos
New photo by Aika Loraine / Google Photos

If you are already sated, I recommend trying their desserts to kill off the umay. I am a super lover of sweets so I got excited when I knew they will provide desserts. Brownie ala Mode was served first. It is a chewy brownie with Vanilla ice cream on top. It is a hot weather noawadays so as you can see, the vanilla ice cream is dipping already. I highlighted chewy because I love chewy brownies. Yum Yum! Next came a nice innovation of the usual halo halo we know, the Halo Halo Turon. Usual ingredients of turon are wrapped in a caramelized wrapper or as we call it – turon. Topping it with a vanilla ice cream is a picture-perfect of a tag-init buster.


I appreciate the peaceful feeling when inside the garden café. I don’t know but I felt the love that ties the Anchetta family especially when I saw Mrs. Sally Ancheta and Miss. Isha. They are a picturesque of an adorable woman and a loving grandchild. In here, you will not go deep pocket to fill your stomach. After a tiring week at work, the time spent here at Greg and Sally is a beautiful way to relax and enjoy good food.

Visit Greg and Sally at 145 Ipil St cor Champaca Marikina Heights, Marikina

call to reserve: (02) 940-1976

Get instant 10% discount at Greg and Sally Tree Garden Cafe  after your visit at Book Museum cum Ethnology Center This is part of the Books + Food campaign. Promo runs until June 19, 2016.

Featured Image source: http://randomwallpapers.net/cartoon-flower-garden-plant-poppy-digital-art_w452039

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  1. I love the quote “rest is sweet to those who labor.”, this garden idea sounds so perfect because it gives the feeling of being at home. Going outside, relaxing in the garden, then having some nice food and/or dessert for later. I can imagine myself falling asleep in the canopy bed in the garden, surrounded by nature, and a nice breeze of fresh air – the only negative would be that others would be able to watch me sleep! Not a pretty sight.

  2. Hey, this is nice and as always, one of the things I look at when it comes to food is the price. I think the prices are reasonable. As for the place, looks really really nice. I like where theres outdoor setting and would love to drop by if I find myself there in Marikina.

  3. The ambience of this place is beautiful! I love seeing a garden around a restaurant because you know that if they care that much about growing they will put the same care into the food. I love the food that was served. The peppered steak with mango salsa is a combination I have never had but I think I would love. I would also love to try the Boneless Crispy Pata. It looks right up my alley!

  4. This place is so beautiful! So glad you blogged about it! The food looks so gooooooood esp the brownie ala mode. I’m a sucker for sweeeeets

  5. Great food for a reasonable price. A lovely garden to chill in. The food looks tasty and the place feels relaxing. A good restaurant where I could feel home and enjoy!

  6. I super love the sinigang too! I’m actually planning to bring the hubby here for our anniv. If only he’d agree to explore Marikina. I’m sure he’d love the menu 🙂

  7. All the food looks gorgeous especially the Tinapa! The cafe is such a beautiful escape and that canopy bed is just perfection! I wish we had something like this in the UK!! I really love that they have a little map of the garden too, it looks so welcoming and homely!

  8. I always gravitate towards cafes/restaurants that have an outdoor setting, I can imagine having a romantic dinner here. Though Marikina is too far from our place but I guess for the good food and ambiance, I can convince hubby to commute.

  9. I just love places like these. Where I can sit outside with my friends and enjoy my meal. I gues the prices here are quiet reasonable and all the dishes looks really presentable. Great post 🙂

  10. I love that this is one of those place perfect for a romantic dinner setting… The food looks delish especially the boneless Crispy pata! And that ‘seemingly’ out of place bed in the garden is something that’s straight out of Alice in wonderland’s book 🙂 I think it’s a great place to take photos of a prenup that’s themed Alice in Wonderland.. 🙂

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