Z Compound: Good Food and Chill Place

Z Compound: Good Food and Chill Place

If you think Maginhawa StrEAT is the only place you can go to for a perfect food adventure, then, you are missing more fun. UP Teacher’s Village has a lot more to offer.ย  Look for the Malingap signage and swerve to your right, head on and you’ll spot on Z Compound. And yes, because it says Good Food – dare enter.

Z Compound: Good Food and Chill Place

Z Compound is one of the chill places in UP Teacher’s Village. The concept is the same as Maginhawa StrEAT Food Park and 150 Food Place. This somehow is the eldest in the “food park family.”

Z Compound: Good Food and Chill Place
Z Compound: Good Food and Chill Place

We went here in search of a new atmosphere. Z Compound did not disappoint us. We were welcomed by live music performance and ambiance.

I don’t know for other days but when we went on a Friday and it is full house and crowded. Note that it is not a pay day. You will see teens happily chatting over burgers and large “bowl” of juice drinks. There are also restaurant for people who wants to drink beers and hard liquor.


I am a sucker of rice [maybe it’s obvious with my built]. That’s why I still looked for rice meals even if I saw a lot of burgers and pastas being served by other stalls. Fat Zach is my savior. I asked for their best seller (if you want to try something new, asking for the best seller is the great way) and Pritson Manok Parmigiano was recommended to me as the part of their Fat Zach specials. Imagine a fried chicken plunge into a thick and creamy tomato sauce with cheese melted on top of it. All this in a sizzling plate makes it more exciting. The cheesy taste helps fight the sour taste of the tomato sauce. It blends that there is no room for “umay”. For P160, I think it’s a little overpriced though.

Pritson Manok Parmigiano / Google Photos


If I am a sucker of rice meals, friend is not. I just know that he loves burger. He ordered JJ’s Angus. Psst… I also took some bite. Hahaha. I don’t want to order additional as I might not be able to finish it all. It’s filled with juicy Angus Burger Pattie topped with dripping cheese. This being paired with french fries made it a super heavy meal!

JJ’s Angus Burger: P 160.00


And of course, for that two mouthwatering dishes, best to pair with a yummy juice drink from Chamba Juice. Ooooppps. It is not a typo, it is really “chamba”. Chamba Juice’ quenchers are served on BIG mason jars and bowls. We ordered Berrygood which is the quartz widemouth size (approx 42 oz). It’s a sweet and refreshing berry juice. Berry, berry good. For the bowl size, if you are asking how big it is, just imagine a fish bowl. That’s it.

Berrygood: P 70.00

There’s more to explore at Z Compound so expect more foodie posts about other restaurants. But surely, if you want a new chill place – better check this somewhat hidden food park. Just swerve to your right!

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  1. I live nearby so I was able to see this place grow. For me, it started the street park culture in Maginhawa area. Right before StrEat Food Park was there! But this one has its signature college drinking vibes.

  2. definitely a great place to chill out especially with your barkada.. the Pritson Manok Parmigiano looks really interesting to me and I wonder how it tastes like but the burger is the one that makes me drool right now… I have never been to UP Teacherโ€™s Village or even in the famous Maginhawa Street but I will definitely put them both on my travel list yay!

  3. That does sound like a fun place to be at. I love when there is live music and a chance to be able to hang out somewhere as opposed to just eating and leaving. I love a good burger but that chicken dish sounded pretty good, too!

  4. I don’t like music bands… is that what I see on the photo? I like a place where I can talk to my friends without shouting. Having said that, everything else looks awesome for me. The food, lalo the pritson, looks delicious.

  5. I love how these food parks/stalls have grown and evolved. How I miss this street of food paradise and to grab some for my cravings. I would love to try that Berry good and let’s see if I will say Very good too. Lol.

  6. Oohh there’s live music there na?? Awesome!! I’ve been there once before, but I haven’t tried that Parmigiano! It looks delish!! Plus 70pesos for a fish bowl sized ice tea is sulit!

  7. Made me hungry! everything looks so gooddd
    I’ll definitely go there when I get the chance.
    I’m going to look for a hamburger right now! LOL

  8. I really want to go to this part of Maginahawa but it’s so far from my place. But those food photos really made me hungry! How often do musicians play there? ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. Been to z compound a number of times and a number of times i still love and enjoy dining in there. After z compound, we started exploring Maginhawa St but from time to time, we visit Z compound still. And its there that i get ti order my favorite dr. Pepper.

  10. I think the food are priced reasonable. I’ve noticed that most food in Maginhawa or even in Malingap are similarly priced. I would like to try the Pritson Manok Parmigiano since I really love anything that’s cheesy and saucy. You’re right on it being served in a sizzling plate is a plus. I also liked the Chamba juice with its witty name. I love anything berry. Anyway, I’ve seen Z Compound several times, but I only ate there once. Since I found it overcrowded and hot. Will try to eat here again just for the Pritson Manok Parmigiano ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Where there is good food and good music, there must also be good beer, right? I’m enjoying all these write-ups on food places to go to in Maginhawa. Good thing you mentioned that the band plays acoustic songs so I’d really enjoy visiting that place with friends.

  12. Yey! too good you enjoyed Z compound ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m one of Maginhawa’s avid fan since they are just starting I remember there is just only a milk tea houses ๐Ÿ™‚ well anyway, see you around. Try invading visayas avenue soon.

  13. This place looks very nice! I always love live music when I go out for diner. Especially when I’m on holiday. The burger look great. I’ve never had chamba juice. But it sounds nice.

  14. I love such street eats. Once in a while its good to experience this ambiance with junk food without thinking about how healthy it is! Lolz.

  15. It’s often great to get to try out some non-branded burgers. Getting that with live music and great ambience, the Z compound looks like a place one must visit for sure.

    The way you’ve described the food you ordered, made me a lot very hungry already!!

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