5 Reasons Why Bloggers Attend Blogapalooza

5 Reasons Why Bloggers attend Blogapalooza

Great minds from the Management Team of Blogapalooza brought again the Biggest Business to Bloggers Network and Marketing event here in the Philippines. Blogapalooza is already on its 6th installment bearing the theme Horizons, Charting the Uncharted.

It’s my second year to attend and I felt like it got better. This year, Blogapalooza was held at Elements, Quezon Avenue. The event is jam-packed in the spacious Prosperity Hall of Elements. Unlike last year, it’s set on a Saturday which is more convenient for me (and other bloggers) because I won’t have to worry for the next workday. It has become an annual event that most bloggers have been waiting for each year.  And why does it keep us [bloggers] attending?

5 Reasons Why Bloggers Attend Blogapalooza

5 Reasons Why Bloggers Attend Blogapalooza

We Can Connect with Brands

The number 1 reason putting up this event is to connect bloggers and businesses. We were able to mingle and promote our blogs to brands. It’s our opportunity to let them know what we write about and what can we do to support their products.

TIP: The number 1 thing you have to bring is a business card

Of course, you don’t just sign up to their list, you also have to be friendly. Ask them [brand partners] things about their services and products. Give them your business card and tell them you would like to work on promoting what they offer.

*But, make sure, you are passionate and you like their product to be able to write a good content.*

We Get Sample Products and Freebies

Oooppps, don’t think that we are just after freebies on these kinds of events. Freebies and sample products are very important for brands to provide. Although, let’s say we have not yet been selected by a brand to work for them, a blogger will still write about a product for reason(s). For me, there are only 2 reasons why a blogger would write for a review. One, because they really, really loved the product/service and second, they hate the product/service. Bloggers do not write “scripted” views. They write their true thoughts about a brand. And because it’s a review based on experience, you know it’s reliable. That way, a brand will potentially hire this blogger to work with them or send more products to review. Trust me, it happened to me already.


We Learn

The goal is to connect Bloggers and Business, but aside from it, there are discussions being held. This year, some of the guest speakers and panelists are Ginger Arboleda (http://mommyginger.com), Lloyd Cadena (Youtube Comedy Artist, Book Author and tagged as The Face that Launched a Thousand Memes), Matec Villanueva (Publicis Manila), Norman Agatep (Groupo Agatep),Mikael Daez and Erika Padilla.


Mommy Ginger talked about Blogging as a Business. She pointed out how to strategize blogging and marketing your blog by knowing the importance of you as a blogger and your own purpose on blogging. I agree with things Ginger pointed out. If these factors are still vague for a blogger, it would be very hard to market with brands.

The Prosperity Hall was filled with laughter when it’s Lloyd Cadena’s turn. He discussed Content Strategy and Building a Solid Follower Base. He reminded us that you have to work on having a big follower base. It takes time and unique content. When you say “unique”, it’s something that stands out and defines your blog.

The Face that launched thousand memes / Google Photos

They say bloggers are now the “future rock stars”. Do you agree? This statement came from Norman Agatep, one of the panelists of How Brands Can Work Best. Norman and Matec Villanueva revealed best approach on bloggers working with businesses like the most discussed rule on blogging, build your own brand. Ms. Matec Corpuz inspired me a lot when she said that do not focus on numbers and learn to love what you are doing first. I truly believe that if you love what your write and you are passionate about it, quantity of followers will follow. One thing that sums up what I learned about these two respected people are  bloggers should consider their blog as brand, too.


Erika Padilla amazed me also on this panel. She is really intelligent. She is an actress but has already cemented her name already as an actress/mode/sportscaster because of her skills and being an effective influencer. She said that being consistent and true to our blog [niche] is one key of being successful in the blogosphere.  As an influencer in social media, Mikael Daez helped us realize that when writing, we have to stick and be sincere to our content.

The beautiful and Pambansang Bestfriend, Ms. Erika Padilla
The beautiful and Pambansang Bestfriend, Ms. Erika Padilla
It’s Interactive and Entertaining

While the speaker prepares for their talks and while bloggers are busy roaming brand partners’ booths, there are interactive showcase of talents performed. I was one who got selected by Kel Fabbie when he performed mentalism. He bent forks in with my help. Have you seen me bent those forks? I got them all as souvenirs! 😀


There are also interactive activities on some of the booths. My boyfriend accompanied me on this event and he played a minute to win it inspired game of Gold Stack in exchange of 1 yummy Gold Stack! I also tried the game at Skin Station and won 2 Coupons for Free Diamond Peel for every 600 worth Facial.

Gold Stack Challenge / Google Photos

There are other acts from other mentalists performed that entertained us. There’s also a matchmaking for a secret date with Christian Bautista. Also some games! Aren’t we all happy? 🙂

photo from Blogapalooza Facebook Page
We Meet Friends and Fellow Bloggers

There are people I have known thru the blogosphere I am fond with whom I just communicate thru social media. I personally met them on Blogapalooza! It was fun being with them and it made me stay on the event. We visited and checked booths together. It was a fun day!

Me with Nina of The Balancing Act and Louise of Tales and Escapades
We Have Saved Time and Money

And because this is a congregation of brands, we bloggers need not attend lots of events on different locations and time, it was held in one just BIG event. As I have said before, you will be updated with latest and awesome products and services in one day. It saves money for you didn’t have o travel to different places and events that could cost a lot in transportation fees.

A lot has been improved on this year’s Blogapalooza. Space, location, connectivity are among these. It was a tiring but very productive day for us. So that’s it! Thanks Blogapalooza!

Thank you sponsors and partners for giving us freebies and products for reviews and for not letting us get hungry and thirsty!

Hotteok King, Vita Coco, Cocio, and Arla, Empire East, Gold Stack, SkinStation, Chemworld Fragrance Factory, Etobee, Tagcash, Hey Kuya, Happy Fresh Philippines and Blue Water Day Spa

We never got thirsty because of Vita Coco / Google Photos
Etobee | On Demand Professional Delivery Service at The Best Price
Hey Kuya | Your free personal assistant for all your demands. Anything you want, anytime via SMS for free!
Arla | We got free cheese spreads and I must say it does not taste like your ordinary cheese spread!

Till the next Blogapalooza!


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  1. As I mentioned before to some friends, I would like to attend the next iteration of Blogapalooza. I would like to meet you and other bloggers in person and listen to industry experts talk about blogging and the industry itself. I am not so much on meeting the sponsors because I keep my blog relatively free of that though.

  2. Looks you really enjoyed the event. And same here,too, if I were in your place- will definitely keep that awesome twisted fork. I really wonder how?!

  3. aww… I have always wanted to attend this event kaso there’s always a conflict with my sched… I have never attended any blogger and I am so eager to experience it soon… I have heard that there will be another Blogapalooza this year… hopefully that’s true para I can participate too!

  4. Blogapalooza seems great place to connect with brands! What I love about this event is that you not only get to pitch to brands about your ideas but you also get to learn from various experts of blogging. It’s great to have famous influencers, writers and guest bloggers who would teach and talk about the importance of digital marketing ! Moreover this helps you to interact and make friends!
    I just love visiting to blogging event like this! It’s fun

  5. I had wanted to join this year’s Blogapalooza coz it was near our place primarily haha and I was really curious about it.I think these are great reasons especially connecting with brands abd people.I hope they have anotger one this year and it’s still gonna be in the north!

  6. Glad that you have learned a lot, and valued the offline connections made to bloggers.

    Connecting to brands is secondary, and chose only those that will be value adding to your niche.

  7. My partner and I were there too. I totally agree with the reasons you mentioned. It’s a great way to connect with brands. What I like the most in attending it is the learnings that we take home and the opportunity to reunite with old friends and meet new friends. It’s nice to know that you’re also friends with Nina and Louise.

  8. I haven’t visited Blogapalooza yet. Ever since I didn’t but I have some ideas, though. And yes, that’s what I am want to attend it. It’s just that Negros is just too far away!

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