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Hello, readers! It’s been a long time since the last update. Christmas has passed, by the way. How’s your holiday vacay? I had a quite long and happy one. But before the holidays, me and my office mates were able to have a mini team dinner. We chose to have it at Books and Borders Cafe.

Along with the restaurants in Tuscany, McKinley Hill lies Books and Borders Cafe.  A cubbyhole to bookworms and foodies, this is quite smaller yet still cozy unlike the cafe’s other branches.

Books and Borders Cafe

The cafe welcomes you with a bright ambiance. There are only few restaurants I know that has a book+cafe theme and this one is the second that I have visited and first one that I blogged about. I like the architectural design. Leading to the second floor is a wide enough wooden stairs and the books in the shelves will welcome you afterwards.

The seats and tables on the second floor can accommodate larger groups. There are also couches if a visitor would not eat and just enjoy coffee while reading. On this floor is where I found the  A Game of Thrones novel and other fictions. Pretty awesome for a GoT fan.

2nd floor

We weren’t able to get a larger table for our group as all tables were occupied. Per table, there is only one sitting. Yes. Just one. I don’t why they would occupy a large table though. <sigh>. Anyway, we resorted to just combining the round tables on the 1st floor. It’s fine because there are also books there.

Books <3

There are a lot of choices for their drinks. They have hot and cold varieties of coffee (of course), smoothies, juice, ice tea blends and blended beverages. I am a fan of matcha so I tried their Matcha Green Tea smoothie (P170.00). I find it too sweet so mixing the whipped cream on the smoothie worked well.  It lessened the sweetness. Cath, one of my office mates ordered Ginger Tea and Meong tried a hot Cappuccino (P125.00).

Cupcakes were ordered- banana choco mousse and blueberry cheese. I went a little crazy for the Blueberry. Taste wise, it is indeed delicious. There is a filling of Blueberry inside and on top of the cake. However, what got me off is that the cake is not moist. It’s  somehow dry and breaks at some point.

banana choco mousse and blueberry cheesecake

My main meal (and the others preferred this too) is Pork Ssokugie with Kimchi Rice. Ssokugie is just the same as Terriyaki but is the spicy version. Kimchi rice is not new to me and I was not not disappointed with the taste, but the amount of serving rather. It’s tasty and balances the stingy taste of the pork. The sunny side up and veggies side dish worked well too. Like, this seems to be a TapSilog, Books and Borders Cafe version for me. Yummy! But for the price of P250.00, it’s a little too much.

Pork Ssokugie with Kimchi Rice | P250.00

I would have ended up with pasta too if not with the Kimchi Rice. Was totally smitten to my officemates order- Chicken Penne Pesto. And because I can’t help it, I asked if I could taste it. <wink> It certainly looks sumptuous to me. It’s a creamy pasta topped with Parmesan Cheese and paired with garlic toasted bread. Penne pasta’s cooked al dente reason for much enjoyment on chewing it along with the fusion of the flavors. Ahhhhhh. Seriously! I could have ordered this too!

Chicken Penne Pesto | p195.00

I have checked out some books. I read a few pages of It’s a Girl Thing by Jan King.  The book talks about the mind-boggling idiosyncrasies of female behavior. There are books that I found interesting as they are on the genre that I usually read. However, I have observed that there are only few books here. Some of the shelves are occupied by other things that I would prefer to be just filled with books. Oooops. Sorry.

All in all, this cafe is quite a to go nook for those who want to study, read during their leisure time and just relax. It is a quiet and cool place to chill which is good for people who want to escape the hustle and bustle in the city. Foods are decent and tasty, except that some are unreasonable high. And if they would add more books and check the price of the meals, Books and Borders Cafe surely will be a perf place for bookworms and foodies.

How about a groupie? 🙂

Connect with them: @bookandborderscafe

Location: Tuscany, Upper McKinley Road, McKinley Hill, Taguig City

Perks: Outdoor Seating, Books and WiFi

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  1. The design and the ambiance of this cafe is great. It looks very nice. I’m a Game of Thrones fan as well. Love it! I like it that they have a lot of hot and cold varieties of coffee. Just a pity that some of the prices are high!

  2. I love the clean and minimalist look of books and borders cafe. The food looks really good as well. What a nice place to get together with work colleagues as well as friends for a lunch or snack.

  3. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Books and Borders Cafe – it’s just that I don’t go to this area a lot because of the traffic. I guess I could come here on a weekend. I love the interiors & how they designed the cafe. It’s perfect for tea time and afternoon catch-ups with girlfriends.

  4. This is what I like about how creative some of the cafe’s now. We also have a cafe here in Cebu that I think both have the same concepts. A beautiful place to chill with a lot of books to choose from. I think this place is really welcoming cause of the bright feedback from the photos. The foods are as well tempting and would love to visit this place of given a chance soon. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Glad to bump into A fellow yuppie and blogger int his online world hehe. Anyways, thanks for sharing. This is a nice idea when looking for a venue for that special get together with friends given the ambience and even that casual dine outs with officemates. Will drop by this cafe one time.

    1. I agree with Lai. I love it when you mentioned that the restaurant has high ceilings, I guess that’s seldom these days. Quite unique for a Los Angeles inspired resto but has a fusion of Asian and American dishes. A good business strategy specially that their location is in Asia. 🙂 The food looks delicious and I guess the price is also reasonable. 🙂

  6. Nice to bumo into a fellow yuppie and blogger in this online world hehe. Anyways, thanks for sharing about this cute cafe. Good venue for that special get together or even casual dine outs with friends.

  7. I’d say this cafe has good spacing. I think a good coffee shop must have adequate floor spacing so that there is privacy for the customers. Also, the high ceiling gives the space seem larger than it is. What I think I may like is that there is outdoor seating, right?

  8. I always wanted to visit a coffee shop like this…Unfortunately in my city there is not such a thing… There is a bookstore where you can have a coffee but it has not this nice and relaxing feeling you need in order to read and enjoy your coffee! I like also the furniture and the design in your cappuccino!

  9. I also love the minimalistic design and especially the neon lights. I once went to a museum where they collected all those vintage lights. Pretty amazing!
    And of course the concept where one can read, study and just enjoy is really great.

  10. I’ve lived for months along McKinley Hill yet I never went to this cafe, silly me! But I’m going to correct that error and maybe visit this weekend since I am staying in my friend’s place for a weekend and she lives somewhere in the area.

    Books and Borders looks really cute, the kind that would have me overstaying haha…

    The food is a bit pricey though, but still I’d love to go and just spend hours finishing a book.

  11. Ooh, near my new office! Nice interiors. I’m avoiding too many pastries this year, so I am glad there are savory options. I love cafes that have book collections, as I feel they tell you “stay a while”, and don’t make you feel that rushed to finish your meal. I’ve actually spotted a cafe with the same name here in Quezon City (Tomas Morato, I think), but this branch seems to have more of a visual appeal. I hope I can visit it next time I am in the area.

  12. Being an avid lover of both books and coffee, I squealed with delight when I read your post! This place looks incredible! So much so, I wish there was something similar where I live.

    What happens if you become absorbed with a book you’re reading can you purchase it afterwards? 🙂 Keep up the amazing work!

  13. I’ve been to McKinley Hill for lots of times now but we never got acquainted with this cafe. I’ve read of this somewhere else but never knew much until I saw your post! I think this is another safe haven for me and my lovely books. Haha! I love the comfy seats where you could just lounge and read. Is there a borrow book policy? Like borrow one book then return afterwards or you gotta return it after eating?

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