How to Spot Deals in the Manila Sundance Bazaar

Clothes, shoes, clothes, shoes… I used to be a hoarder before. I shop as in every payday and in betweens. Hahaha. Now, I still shop for a reason that I am investing to new sets of clothes especially now that I lost weight. Lol! I know, that thatโ€™s a lame excuse but I really lost quite big. I brought my old clothes to my mom and her kumare’s Ukay-Ukay stall.ย  Now, a portion of my money goes to rewards for myself in the form of dress, shoes, blouse and anything about fashion. I still love shopping! I do that every other payday.

My latest #AikAdventure was last January 14. I invited my girl office mates to go to Manila Sundance Bazaar. I have always seen advertisements about it the passed months and since my class was moved (on a latter date) last Saturday, I decided to go.

MSB is an enabler. It gathers your favorite online local shop brands in one location! So, without hesitation, we braved the traffic and brought only ourselves, money, energy and a lot of patience. <HAHAHA>

My friend Patricia ๐Ÿ™‚

The latest MSB was held in World Trade Center. You can get inside and shop till you drop with just a P100.00 entrance fee. Hey, what’s one hundred pesos for almost 90% discount on products and getting a chance to win freebies?! BUT. Before you head on throwing money to bazaars like this, there are still a number of ways to save MORE.

How to Spot Deals in the Manila Sundance Bazaar


How to Spot Deals in the Manila Sundance Bazaar

Check MSB’s Social Media Accounts

Yes. Check their account! Days before the start of the event, MSB usually holds games or promotions. You can join if you want to win prizes. Aside from that, they will also post the brands who will be putting up their booths provided with the shops’ social media accounts. When I saw the post including the brands, I immediately checked them and look for their products. That way, I had an idea which stall to look for and which to buy. You can also check the original price of their items so you will know if it would be worth to get or you can just go next time to their shop/order online because it’s not really on sale.

Cheap Deals on The Sweet Cloth booth


Arrive Early

Yes, girls! Why? Because there would still be a lot of items you can choose from if you come in earlier than others. Some of the items on big sale are also still hanging on their racks. You can also walk freely without frequently bumping into other people at the early times of the day. If you have a car, bet you don’t want to spend a lot of time too just looking for a space to park, right?

We arrived at the middle of the day and when I entered the hall, I immediately spotted Jukaykay. The stall has a lot of beautiful tshirts, blouses and dress which are on my list of to buy. I stalk them on Instagram, eh! Most of them are being sold for only P100 pesos. But since it’s already middle of the day and their stall is near the entrance, their racks are almost empty. Whew. That’s when you’ll say, “sayang.”

BONUS: MSB usually gives goodies and loot bags for first (x number) of customers. Just like last Saturday, 35 lucky shoppers brought home bags containing surprise gifts from the brands.

Go around and search

I remembered what Cath (my officemate) uttered when we came – “ikot muna tayo.” That’s correct. Go around and check if not all, atlest most of the stalls so you can see which of them offers low price. What I noticed during MSB is that there are certain brands which have the same products, the only difference is the cost of the items. Just like for the phone case I bought. I got a case with a built in i-ring. Some other booths sell it for 225 pesos, I got it in another shop for only 150 pesos.

These are some of those I got which are on my list. I need new socks because most of those I have are already worn out. That’s the iphone case worth 150 pesos. I bought patches also because I want to DIY my denim jacket. These patches are originally worth more than 50 pesos each. During the bazaar, it’s only 40 pesos each and you can also buy it 3 for 100. Nice yes? The denim blouse with patches from The Sweet Cloth (second photo) only costs P150. I got myself one as well.


BUT. Do not forget, not because there is sale, you will waste money. Here are some tips to avoid overspending.
Shop with a list

Remember I told you that MSB will post the brands included in the fair. Once you see their goods and found something you want, create your list. Ask yourself, “Do I need this?” Make sure you include those that you really need. Do not go there without a list because you-know-what-will-happen-next. Been there, done that. HAHA. Overspending is your worst enemy. Know which gaps to fill in your closet and shoe rack. We buy using our hard earned money, we never want to get something we end up not using.

buying patches is actually on my list!
Set a budget

It’s hard but you have to set it. Again, we don’t want to overspend. Basing on MSB, I am sure the shops’ social media handles show the price of the items so you can already outline and plan the budget. Set a limit and stop once it has been reached. Number 1 reminder: Do not buy it just because it’s on sale.


ย *more photos of us during the bazaar*

Cath, Pat and me <3

See? No hoarding? We didn’t went home dragging paper bags and plastic bags! Hahaha. I bought a dress and blouse (do not have a photo yet) worth P300 only. Note, that’s 300 for both, not each.

Manila Sundance Bazaar is a continuous event. If you missed the last one, just wait for the announcement for the next schedule. MSB is always filled with amazing booths along with their eye catching items. But, regardless how amazing, beautiful and cheap the products are, always ask if you need it. There is certainly nothing wrong with rewarding yourself, but if it will just go to your display, cut it out. Your money deserves to go to other things. Love lots!

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  1. OML! The temptation is ALWAYS too much for me at bazaars like the MSB! This is why I don’t go if I don’t have budget for it. I can never control myself. ๐Ÿ™ You got a lot of sweet stuff! What budget do you set for yourself? I’ll need to save for the next MSB in Feb!

  2. Congratulations on loosing weight! Isn’t that the best feeling to go shopping afterwards? I’m gaining so much weight now that I am pregnant. Great advice that you should arrive early!

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