Sumo Chaya Sekitori at Little Tokyo

Lately, I have been craving to eat Ramyeon and Ramen.  I can easily grab some instant ramyeon noodles at Assi Fresh Plaza (a Korean convenience store) in Mckinley so the crave hits more for Ramen. I have once tried ramen in Ramen Kuroda and not long ago, me and my officemates went again for a hunt. Unknowingly, that day became my first exploration of Japanese Cuisine.

At first, we have thought of going to Ramen Nagi or Ikkoryu Fukuoka because it has been highly suggested by some friends. But you know, what’s being planned will not always be followed. Our curiosity leads our feet to Little Tokyo.

Little Tokyo is a [literaly] a little compound located in the busy city of Makati. It is a place where Japanese restaurants are in and are usually owned by Japanese and is being manned by Japanese chefs.

Disclaimer: I am no expert when it comes to Japanese food. 🙂

It’s very helpful to have friends who are used to eating authentic Japanese cuisine (and who have stayed in Japan for a while) as it became easy for us to decide where to eat. They were able to explain to us the meals the restaurants are offering. As soon as the sun went down, we all have decided where to eat. We chose Sumo Chaya Sekitori.

Sekitori (sumo wrestler) is a collaboration of a former sumo wrestler turned entrepreneur and a professional Japanese food chef. They have put up 2 branches here in Manila with an aim to have restaurant chain in the Philippines that offers authentic Japanese food. Currently, they have two branches – one in Ortigas and the main branch is in Little Tokyo, Makati.

The restaurants decor and interior definitely gave me the vibe of being in Japan. We were accommodated by a staff who is wearing a traditional kimono robe. She is very friendly. As we went inside, we were welcomed with a big painting of a sumo wrestler.

We occupied the table then for bigger groups. Oh, the experience of removing shoes before dining and using a towel to clean hands is a first for me! We were also given brewed tea while waiting for our order.

What we ordered

For sure I cannot compare yet the food we ordered because this is the first time I have tried these dishes. I must admit I was not ready for sashimi but I decided to try it. Surprisingly, I did not regret tasting. Amongst those I have tasted, I can say my favorite is salmon. The soba with a lot of veggies are to die for. It’s like pancit canton but it has thick sauce.


Ozeki sashimi mix | P980



I am still new to eating Japanese cuisine but I actually liked the food we ordered. At first, I am unsure if I would be able to eat raw fish but turns out I would actually enjoy. This will not be the last food crawl for Japanese cuisine you will see on my blog! See you on the next!

Sumo Chaya Sekitori is located in Little Tokyo, 2277 Chino Roces Avenue, Legaspi Village, Makati City.

Opening Hours: 11:30 AM to 2:30 PM, 5 PM to 12 Midnight


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