Korean Drama, Food Cravings and a Dinner in Do Si Rak

Annyeong, chingu! Oh! That’s a greeting to you my friend who dared read this blog. Maybe because you are a Korean, enjoys Korean food or just loves to eat. Today is a holiday  and the start of my long weekend so I have all the time to catch up on blogging. And… time as well to tell you some updates about my life lately.

I have been in hiatus here and even on my other blog – Planner Crafter Tales because of busy schedule. What? What does a 26 year old lady does to make her busy she can’t blog? Hmmm. Aside from working from Monday to Friday, I also started to study again. I enrolled in Mapua for a short IT course and the class is every Saturday. I want to focus on studying that’s why I make time to read notes and my book every Sunday, too. Annnnnnnnnnnndddddddddddd. drum rolls pleaseeeeeeeeeee! I became a recent Korean Drama fan. Hahahaha. I was too overwhelmed of the plots of KDramas that I wanted to watch every single episode straight during my free time. I watch while I am on my way to the office, way to school and way home. So my life became all about KDrama, work and school.  HAHAHA

Here are some of the dramas I have watched. THIS IS JUST THE FIRST PAGE OF MY LIST. <3 <3 <3


To add more to this KDrama addiction, I became more interested to their food.  I mean, I have already tried Korean noodles before but since I am seeing a lot of ramyeon, kimchi, and other food on the shows I watch, the urge to try those became more intense. I even go now to Korean convenience store to buy goods! Some of the goods I always buy are ramyeon, banana milk, sausage, seaweed wrapper, maxim coffee, The ramyeon noodles I always buy is Shin Ramyun. This one in red packaging is already spicy so what more if you try the one in black packaging. I like my noodles with egg and milk. Are you surprised? Yes, I put milk. I have once read an article that some Koreans put milk on their noodles. It actually lessens the spiciness and makes the soup creamier.


Shin Ramyun Noodles | photo grabbed from www.asianfoodgrocer.com

This cheese ramen is a traitor. You will initially think it isn’t that spicy but it is actually sooooooooooooooo spicy. I was like eating siling labuyo when I tried this. HAHAHA.  Anyway, do you guys like kimchi? Some people don’t like it but I DO. I can’t eat ramyeon without kimchi.

Cheese Ramen | photo grabbed from www.fairprice.com.sg

Recently, I invited my friend to have a catch up dinner. We were at Z Compound, Malingap and saw Do-Si-Rak and of course, I told her that I want to eat Korean food so we dined in there. Do-Si-Rak is one of the small but humble stalls in Z-Compound. We were welcomed by the kind and friendly owner. We ordered Samgyeopsal (good for sharing) and ramyeon noodles. Samgyeopsal is a common meal in Korea. These are pork meat that are usually being cooked on a grill on a dining table. Do-Si-Rak’s samgyeopsal is served with side dishes, rice serving and kimchi. Well, though this is not a restaurant, the serving is not too shabby.


Korean Drama, Food Cravings and a Dinner in Do Si Rak


Look! A heart-shaped egg. Sarangahe!

I would really want to have a taste of Korean cuisine more. I plan to go out with friends and visit a Korean restaurant. Do you have anything to suggest? Comment down for any! 🙂

And since I have shared about my fascination with KDrama and food, I want you all to know that I am a fan of BTS. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. They will be having a concert here in the Philippines on May 6 and 7. Guess what? I WILL WATCH! Stay tuned for #AIKAdventures VLOG and BLOG about it!

Disclaimer: Related Korean photos on the featured photos are from google, http://illustman.com, Hwarang Taehyung cartoonized artwork from: https://www.pinterest.com/jade_mendoza01/bts

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  1. Try a Korean barbecue restaurant and experience the swag squad’s BFN on a personal level. Haha. I suggest you try and watch Sungkyunkwan Scandal too. I know it was shown back in 2010 but it has its charms. If you liked Love in the Moonlight I think you’d enjoy it since it has similar elements. Plus, it’s Song Joong Ki’s first lead role in a drama. 🙂


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