Team Building Destination: Eartheaven Re-Creation Center

Nowadays, when we talk about Team Building, the usual destination would be a beach or a private resort. While going on an “outing” is undeniably fun because it eases stress from work and makes time to let loose from your hectic task, sometimes, the “team building” idea is being left out.

Team Building is about building trust with your team mates (especially if there are newbies), it promotes communication and collaboration among others. For it to be more meaningful, everyone has to be more engaged and has to work closely with each other.

Recently, my supervisor tasked me to organized our team building. There are new employees on the team so it was the best time to facilitate. I looked for options where to have it. I was specifically looking for a place where we can have a lot of outdoor activities. Good thing I remembered Eartheaven.

How to get there:

From Alimall, Cubao

  1. Ride the jeepney bound to San Mateo
  2. Ask to get off at Old Army Road  (this is near the market)
  3. Ride a tricycle to get to Eartheaven
Team Building Destination: Eartheaven Re-Creation Center

Eartheaven Re-Creation Center (EHRC) is a vast 20-hectare eco-community (and still being expanded).  It is a heavenly place that lies at the busy municipality of San Mateo, Rizal. Eartheaven is a place built to cater those people who seeks refuge from their busy (or toxic life). It is a home for people who are having retreat, spiritual rebirth and team building.

As the place aims to bring you inner peace and different kind of adventures, EHRC is off-limits to cigarettes and alcoholic beverages. All visitors are expected to attend at least one spiritual reflection activity during their stay.

We selected the Day Tour Package for our team building activity. Included on our Day Tour Package are 2 meals (A.M and P.M. snack) and a Lunch Buffet. Our group has our own designated cottage which is really big and when we arrived, facilitators are already there waiting for us.  Our team building started at 8 A.M. We were divided into two groups (Team-Bah and Team George) and has to prepare our own cheer to present. I was part of Team-Bah 🙂

Team Building Destination: Eartheaven Re-Creation Center
First Activity | Team-Bah

It was followed by the first outdoor activity were we were given pails and balls. Each group will have to throw the balls (one at a time) and their team member at the other side should be able to catch it. The goal is to catch all the balls scattered on the ground. The group with the shortest time wins the game.

First Activity | Team George

The next activity is about focus and coordination with the team member. We should be able to put the nail to a bucket on the other end with the use of a nylon thread.

Team George

We also played Cup Stack Relay and walked in group while using a plank. I swear walking on that plank was hard. It was heavy and requires intense concentration and listening with team mates so we will not stumble when we step.


I was laughing when we saw our video and pictures after the Human Caterpillar/ Wheel game. Everybody was laughing and just shows that we are enjoying the activity.

Our strength were tested on the obstacle course challenge. Some of us can’t do the monkey bars challenge which is part of the course so our teammates helped us do it.


And… the mud crawl! I recommend everyone to wear leggings (even for boys) so you won’t get scratches. I had few after this but no worries. I enjoyed the activity tho. 🙂

After the games, we took a bath and had our morning snack. Then, what’s the perfect way to culminate those tiring activities? SWIMMING! Yes, the use of pool (and the volleyball court) is part of the day tour fees. We had our bountiful lunch after. Eeartheaven day tour includes a lunch buffet served from 12 nn to 1 pm.



Lunch Buffet

After lunch, we stayed again on our designated [big] cottage. One of my team mates also spearheaded a game we played.

As team building became a buzzword, a lot of people has been organizing such. In our case, I am certain we have gained the group skills we need to develop. Guess we selected the best place to which we can be motivated again, feel the team spirit, fun and be able to communicate and work together.

Team-bah + Team George = House Stark


If you want to organize your team building at Eartheaven, you may contact them at the following:

+63(2) 6387248


House Stark Team Building Expenses

  • Headcount: 19 pax
  • Day Tour Rate Accomodation: 400.00 per pax
  • Rooms: none (free use of cottage)
  • Meals: Lunch (part of day tour rate)
  • Additional Meal (AM + PM snacks): 100. 00 per pax
  • Team Building Fee (2 hour program): 700.00

Total: 10,200.00


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