Wings Chronicles The Exhibit in Manila

While alot of people would do appreciation of their favorite K-Pop group [in general] by buying their albums, streaming their songs and music videos or doing song and dance covers, there is this group of fans who took their fandom to the next level.

Just last May, I surprised you all with #AikAdventure blog post during The Wings Tour in Manila of BTS. I watched their concert after I have wholeheartedly admitted I am a fan of Bangtan Sonyeondan (BTS) last January. I am embracing things about this fandom and just recently, I joined another BTS fandom related event, that is, the Wings Chronicles The Exhibit.

Wings Chronicles The Exhibit in Manila

As usual, I was with my cousin, Khloe. The event was held in Cities Events Place located in an accessible area in Quezon City. We pre-registered on the event and paid for the admission as early as July 2 when the pre-registration process was announced to secure slots. The exhibit was held for 2 days, from September 2 to 3. Khloe and I preferred day 2.

The exhibit has a fee, pre-registration fee is P600.00 while walk-ins have to pay P500.00. The good thing about this exhibit is that the proceeds will be donated to various charities worldwide.

Who organized the event?

Wings Chronicles was conceptualized by the two head administrators of ARMY Box. ARMY Box was founded on August 19, 2016 and its first project was “ARMY Meets What.” It was a project done to celebrate BTS’ 4th Anniversary this year. A special event for ARMYs was also held during Wings Tour in Manila last May 5 and 6.

Wings Chronicles The Exhibit in Manila

Wings Chronicles The Exhibit is the second project of ARMY Box in which it aims to look back and reminisce the successful promotions of BTS’ album, music and growth as artists. Aside from that, according to ARMY Box, as a charity event, the charities were carefully selected based on the recent events in the society. It can be recalled that just few months ago, there were attacks on different cities plus the ongoing war, these happenings inspired the group on coming up with  War Child USA Organization, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and UNICEF as beneficiaries of the exhibit.

The first stop of the exhibit was last August 26 on Cebu. The photos and pieces being presented are photography captured during the promotions of the albums Wings and You Never Walk Alone. The artworks signify the whole era.

BTS Members Solo Photos


Photos and art pieces are from different ARMY fan sites. I asked how did ARMY Box chose the fan sites who participated and as per them, they selected those who have partnered to them on their previous projects. Some are newly found friends who share the same ideals [of the project]. “Our attempts to reach out to potential fan site participants helped us realize that they are more willing to do things for the sake of others and in likeness of BTS,” they added.

Not About Recognition…

There are other remaining stops for the exhibit to be held in Canada, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, etc. According to the team, they are not doing this to gain popularity or anything. Their main purpose is to help those in need involving their passion and doing their utmost effort. They are grateful to everyone who accepted them and those who are continuing to support the project.

“We hope that with this, we can give back to others the way BTS has shown everyone their hopes and dreams through their music.”

I can’t help but to get a lot of pictures on the exhibit. I admire the hardwork of the fansite-nims who took those photos on display. Sharing to you more photos!



can’t keep my eyes to my bias. <3

Here are some of the fan arts/paintings on display.

Here are my other favorite photos on display


We are advised we can send gifts and letters to the boys. I wrote a letter to each of the members. Yay! Hopefully they can read it soon!

Hello, from our squad!

Anita, Rose, Khloe and Me. #ARMYGoals

I would like to thank ARMY BOX and the affiliated fan sites (*twitter handles included*) who have contributed to Wings Chronicles. Thank you for putting up this good cause.

  • Wings Chronicles (official event twitter account) – @WingsChronicles
  • MONIDAY- @moniday1994
  • RAPMONSTEROUS – @rmstrs940912
  • YOSHI’S LAND – @yoshis_island92
  • WINTERKISSJIN – @wkj92
  • DIAMOND BOY JIMIN – @diamondboyjimin
  • IRIDESCENT V – @iridescentv95
  • DREAM IN SPRING – @spring030993
  • HOMME FATAL – @hommefatal1013
  • PEGASUS – @pegasus0218
  • MK9597 – @minkook9597
  • HORIZON9597 – @horizon_9597
  • YOUTHFUL DAYZ – @youthful_dayz97
  • MILKY BOY – @milky_boy0309
  • A DAY AT THE BEACH – @atatb_twt
  • HIGH HOPES – @high218_
  • MORE TO LOVE YOU – @moretoloveyou218


*ARMY Box allowed me to interview them about Wings Tour The Exhibit. Thank You, @WingsChronicles!*

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