K-Beauty Secret for Queens: MediQueens’ White-A-Minute [Review]

Anyone who has tried instant whitening products? If yes,have you tried one that works both for your face, neck, hands and arms? Or should I say on your entire skin? NAH?

I remember long ago (because I never tried again), I used an instant whitening lotion but never got happy with it. My skin didn’t looked natural and it feels heavy on my skin. So I never continued using it. Recently, I had the guts to try a similar product because one, it’s manufactured by a Korean company, two, the product’s wonders were demonstrated to me.

We all know that Korean merch are dominating the beauty game. From mask sheet, lotion down to cushion powder, K-Beauty products are popping left and right. I myself have been buying these religiously. If you are too you might want to add on your list the instant whitening I am talking about is MediQueens’ White-a-Minute.

White-A-Minute is an instant whitening cream pack which provides instant whitening, pore tightening, brightening and anti-aging. This is made in Korea and is approved by FDA. Since this writing, I am using this product for almost 3 weeks and have consumed 2 6-gram sachet of it.

In my case who uses it mostly for my face, it works well especially that it does not make my face super oily unlike when I am using BB or CC creams. It does not clog pores so you are sure that you will not grow pimples because of it.  I am already using White-A-Minute as make up base nowadays. As a working girl who travels long everyday, I like that it does not feel heavy unlike when I am using base make up.


Results after application of the cream

Though it instantly whitens, the product when applied to skin lasts long and does not easily wear off even when you rinse it with water. It also doesn’t have that sticky feeling like what you feel when you put lotion on your body. You can apply it on you hands, arms, legs to even out your skin tone or if you want your skin to look brighter.

the black arrow points to the original skin color and the pink is the result when White-A-Minute is applied.


What I love about White-A-Minute

  • Easy to apply
  • Handy
  • Does not make your face oily
  • Dries and absorbed quickly by skin
  • Does not clog pores
  • Can be used as make up base
  • Instantly whitens

Overall, this is an on the go K-beauty product I suggest everyone should have. A 6 gram sachet which can last max 7 days (if used only in the face) will also not cost you much from your wallet.

Want to purchase and know other MediQueens’ products? Check this page – Fei’s MediQueens Korea – Philippines and send a message.


P.S. The model on the Before and After photo is my sister. 🙂 She is also using the product. 

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