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The starting point of all achievement is desire.

-Napoleon Hill

Who is the Foodista Crawler?

Who is the Foodista Crawler?

Hello! I am!

I always love being called Aika. It’s the nickname my parents gave me. Loraine is my girly [second] name. I am a Computer Engineer and currently working as a Level 2 Service Desk Support for a company in Taguig. I am a piece of art under construction who is happy sharing thoughts thru writing.

The love for blogging started since I was in college. I was actively participating on extra curricular activities that time. I was a former student journalist, Managing Editor and Literary Editor of TIP Voice-QC. Every unpublished literary pieces are those that I post on my old blog. I am also the author of Little Stories. Big Mind., a personal-slash-lifestyle blog which I published last year until 06/11/2016 thru The self hosted domain is now permanently out of the web and all posts were kept on

I am a work in progress. I decided to focus on two niches in this blog, reason for The Foodista Crawler’s birth.

A food enthusiast and a traveler by nature. That’s how I would describe myself now.

Let me share to you a secret. I dream of going to Korea where I can stand in the middle of the street with lots of Cherry Blossom trees.

Let’s be friends!

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I am a Creative Planner, check my hobby – Creative Planning and anything artsy craftsy on Planner Crafter Tales.

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